Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1627

“As long as there’s money, is there anything we can’t do? Mom, don’t worry. I’ll make sure they don’t hurt the children.” Rebecca guaranteed it again.

At the hospital.

Catherine was also thinking about the matter regarding Matthew. She was slightly worried.

Feeling uneasy, she gave Chase a call. Only then did she find out that Matthew had gone missing in Melbourne and that his assistant was dead too.

“Rin, how is this Matthew related to you?” Chase was very curious.

“He’s my brother from a different father.” Catherine sighed. “ I suspect it’s Wesley’s doing. How is the Lyons family’s influence in Melbourne?”

“You’re talking about the Lyons family?” Chase tutted. He was slightly pissed off. “Originally, we, the Harrison family, were considered the big boss in Melbourne. However, who could have thought that Golden Corporation would be on a roll? Now, more than go percent of the people in power here are supporting Wesley, and he even wants to win over the Harrison family. Even so, I’m not interested in that dude. The Lyons family has been obstructing us a lot anyway. If it weren’t for…”

“If it weren’t for?” Catherine asked in a hurry.

Chase said dejectedly, “If it weren’t for our collaboration with Forrest, the Harrison family might’ve not been able to stay in Melbourne. Some time ago, I was even thinking of going to Canberra to develop my career. However, I gave up on that idea when I saw Shaun’s situation. I didn’t want to give you guys more trouble.”

“Why didn’t you tell us about this?” Catherine was annoyed that she did not notice Wesley’s power expansion in Melbourne. If not, she would have reminded Matthew to be stealthy.

Matthew must not have expected it too. He went to Melbourne for investigation overtly, only for the news to reach Wesley’s ears.

“You and Shaun have been facing a lot of troubles, so I didn’t want to disturb you guys.” Chase said in annoyance, “That b*stard, Wesley, is like a cockroach that won’t die. He’s so annoying. You guys have to be careful.”

Catherine smiled bitterly. She did not tell Chase that Shaun had become a fool.

At that moment, a nurse called from behind. “ Shaun’s family, please come over quicHy…”

“I’ll talk to you again next time.” Catherine rushed back to the ward, where she saw Shaun crying out loud. “I don’t want to get an injection. I don’t want an injection…”

The nurse watched as a handsome guy cried with tears and snot rolling down his face. She looked weirded out. “Miss Jones, you have to persuade him. If he doesn’t get on the IV, his injuries will become inflamed.”

“Okay, I’ll persuade him now.”

Catherine did not care that there were people at the scene. She quickly hugged Shaun and coaxed softly, “ Shaunny, if you don’t get injected, you’ll have a headache and fever. If that happens, you’ll have to stay in the hospital for a long, long time and get injections every day. Are you willing to do that?”

“But… injections are painful. ” Shaun pouted while whining.

“Why don’t we do it this way? As long as you be a good boy and take your injections, I’ll get candies

for you, okay?” Catherine had no choice but to use her trump card. Anyway, he was an old man who was over 3o years old, so it was okay to eat more sweets.

“…I want to watch cartoons too.” After some thought, Shaun added with a sobbing voice.

“Okay.” Since Shaun was an old man, she could let him be even if he turned blind. Catherine did not have to worry about that at all.

Finally, Catherine managed to coax that little master. The nurse glanced at her sympathetically.

It was not easy being a wife and a mom.

Although Shaun whined for a while again during the injection, he stopped crying when Catherine played some cartoons for him to watch.

After that, Catherine asked Elle to go downstairs to get some snacks as Hadley had no children and did not know what to buy. Catherine had Elle buy some chocolates and cookies that Suzie loved to eat.

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