Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1628

After Elle brought the snacks to the ward, Shaun ate the chocolates with gusto.

Hadley could cry upon seeing that. “I finally know whose likings the Little Miss took after.”

Why did he not realize before that Young Master Hill liked eating chocolates?

Catherine thought, ‘Shaun was abused by his nanny when he was young, so he always restrained himself. After that, he was sent to the mental hospital. How would he have chocolates to eat?’

She just took it as returning Shaun his happy childhood by treating him better from now on.

In the evening, Chester, Rodney, and Freya came over.

Shaun was resting against the bed, watching PAW Patrol intently. He even had a chocolate cookie in his hands and a serious expression on his face. He did not notice those who had come in at all.

“F*ck, Shaun. How did you end up like that?” Rodney was heartbroken. “You’re even eating chocolates and watching PAW Patrol. Are you still the Shaun that I know?”

Rodney went on talking for a long while, yet Shaun still paid him no attention. The latter even took a bite of the chocolate cookie, looking satisfied.

Freya lifted the milk and Dove chocolates in her hands. She smiled bitterly and said to Catherine, “ I finally understand why you told me to buy these and bring them over.”

“Put them here.” Catherine took the stuff from Freya’s hands.

Freya patted Catherine on the shoulder. She really sympathized with her best friend. “Are you okay? I realize that… you and Shaun have too many obstacles. Why don’t you just leave him?”

“Freya, what are you talking about?” Rodney was unhappy with her words. “Don’t you see how pitiful Shaun is now?”

“He’s pitiful, but isn’t our Cathy pitiful as well? She’s still so young. Who knows when Shaun will recover?” Freya was pissed off. “In my opinion, a problematic person like Shaun isn’t suited to have a wife at all. Besides, if it weren’t for him getting deceived by Sarah back then, there wouldn’t be so many f*cking problems now.”

Rodney opened his mouth. His beautiful face looked conflicted. “That… That’s not possible, right? Does Sarah have such capabilities?”

“I told you that Shaun was hypnotized by Sarah, yet you didn’t believe me. Otherwise, why do you think a perfectly fine person would suddenly end up like that?” Chester said helplessly, “It’s as if there’s a bomb in Shaun’s head, and Sarah lit it up.”

Rodney was confused. He did not understand why Sarah became so evil?

“Young Master Jewell, have you consulted those psychologists and neurologists? How’s your research going?” Catherine asked.

Chester stared at her with a complicated look in his eyes. “Top psychologists have heard of that hypnotic skill before. It’s a forbidden skill that has been banned in Country Y for more than 1oo years. So far, there is no news of recovery cases after being hypnotized. However, I’ve already requested the psychologists in Country Y to investigate the related historical documents. Let’s hope they can find a clue from there.”

“Okay. ” Catherine sighed. It was better than having no hope at all.

Rodney miserably walked up to Shaun’s side and

tried to please him. “Shaun, can you give me some of your chocolate cookies?”

Shaun glanced at him. Then, he glanced at the tempting cookie in his hand before he quickly stuffed it into his mouth and finished it with a crunch.

Although Shaun only had the mental age of two, he was still so mean.

Chester laughed. “It seems like his intelligence is improving.”

“That’s right.” Catherine could sense it too. “He’s just like a baby now. There are many things that I have to teach him hands-on, but he’s able to learn all of them quickly.”

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