Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1630

Just as Suzie said it, Shaun accidentally dropped some noodles from the fork, making a mess on the table.

“Stupid, ” Suzie scolded. Her tone sounded the same as when Lucas used to mock her.

Shaun blinked his eyes. Then, he pouted in Catherine’s direction and started crying. “ Cathy, I’m not stupid…”

“Alright, you’re not stupid. Shaunny is the smartest. ” Catherine quickly hugged his head and secretly swept a glance at Suzie.

“Mommy, that was how you taught me, and I learned it right away,” Suzie said as she pouted.

“Are you sure you learned it right away?” Lucas roasted her.

“…No matter what, seeing Daddy in this state, teaching him is my responsibility.”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. “ Enough, you guys should quickly eat. I’ll feed him.”

After she spoke, she held the bowl and started feeding Shaun spoon by spoon.

Suzie felt aggrieved. “Mom, when I was two years old, you were very strict with me eating by myself. ”

Lucas rolled his eyes at her. “That’s her husband. She loves him. Don’t be a busybody.”

Suzie harrumphed. “I finally understand. I’m not as important to Mommy as Daddy.”

Catherine could not stand it. Suzie was even jealous of Shaun.

“Okay, quickly finish your food and go back to the manor with Granny. Remember to be punctual at preschool tomorrow,” Catherine said tiredly.

The two children obediently finished their meal. When Suzie was about to leave, she even took the box of Dove chocolate from the table. “Mommy, this isn’t good for the teeth. I’ll take this away for you. Leaving it here is a waste of space.”

Shaun began to cry when he saw that. “No, no. Cathy, she… she took my… candies away…”

Suzie said with a serious expression, “Shaunny, your teeth will be bitten by bugs if you eat too many chocolates. By then, you’ll look very ugly, your teeth will hurt, and there’ll be lots of bugs in your stomach. Cathy won’t like you anymore.”

“I want Cathy to like me…”

Shaun was so startled that there were still teardrops on his eyelashes. That pitiful look almost made Catherine’s heart melt.

“Suzie, you can only take one chocolate. Your daddy’s friend gave it to him.” Catherine said to her daughter, “Don’t scare him. He has the body of an adult, so eating some chocolates is fine.”

Suzie stomped her feet. “Hmph. Mom, you’re just spoiling him.”

“Alright, your daddy is still sick. Granny will buy them for you.” Lea found it hilarious, and she quickly carried her little granddaughter.

Catherine’s head hurt. “Aunty Lea, don’t buy so many candies for her.”

“Mom, don’t worry. I’ll control Sis properly, ” Lucas said sternly.

“Thank you, Lucas.” Catherine was relieved. At least there was still a sensible person.

As soon as the ward fell silent, Shaun suddenly let out a hmph. “Cathy, I don’t like… that… Sister.”

‘Dude, that’s not your sister. She’s your daughter,’ Catherine thought.

“Shaunny, Suzie’s right. You can eat chocolates, but you can’t have too many. Having too many chocolates will make you fat. By that time, you won’t be as handsome as you are now, and I like handsome men,” Catherine said seriously.

Shaun was taken aback. He fell into a dilemma.“

But I’m not a man. I’m a baby.”

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