Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1631

“But I don’t want to… become a fatty. I want to be… handsome. I want you to like me.” Shaun raised his head, his clear eyes looking very serious.

Catherine’s pretty face was reflected in his eyes.

Catherine’s heart was doused in honey from his gaze.

Although Shaun was acting silly now, his hair had been shaved into a crew cut after he got hurt. His chiseled, good-looking face was utterly handsome.

In the past, he was very handsome when he had a stern expression.

However, his naive look at that moment was very cute too.

“Mm, I like you a lot now.” Catherine could not resist it. She lowered her head and kissed Shaun on the lips.

Shaun blinked his thick eyelashes. Then, he kissed her back on the lips as well. “Cathy, I like you too…”

Although Catherine clearly knew that what he had for her was pure adoration and definitely not

romantic feelings, her heart still could not help but start to throb.

She lowered her head and kissed him again. “ Shaunny, open your mouth.”

Shaun was confused.

He did not think too much and simply listened to Catherine’s words.

“Shaunny, close your eyes…”


Shaun quickly closed his eyes obediently.

He thought that Catherine’s lips were soft and sweet. He liked them very much.

After kissing for a long time, Shaun felt his body becoming hotter.

However, Catherine pulled away at that moment.

Shaun pressed his lips together. “Cathy… Your mouth… is more delicious than chocolate.”

Catherine’s face heated up from feeling awkward. She felt like she was an indecent hoodlum. Shaun was so innocent right now, yet she did not even spare him. “Shaunny, you must remember this.

Only I can kiss you the way I did just now. Other people can’t kiss you like that.”

“Why?” Shaun was puzzled.

“Because… Because this part of you is mine. Do you know that?” Catherine tapped his delicate-looking lips.

“ Oh, I’m yours… ” Shaun nodded, but he seemed like he did not fully understand her. Then, he smiled goofily.

His smile was like the bright sun.

Catherine’s heart was about to melt. She quickly changed the topic. “Come, I’ll feed you.”

Shaun obediently ate a bowl of rice.

After he finished eating, Catherine had some food too. Then, she rolled up her sleeves. “You have to take a bath today. I’ll prepare your clothes for you. ”

After everything was prepared, Catherine brought Shaun to the bathroom.

He had a wound on his head and it could not be in contact with water, so he could only take a shower.

Catherine went on her tiptoes and helped Shaun to unbutton his hospital garment. She was familiar with his body, but it was her first time helping him bathe. Catherine’s small face flushed hot due to awkwardness.

Shaun innocently looked at her and let himself be moved around by Catherine. However, as he was showering, he suddenly felt that his body was having a weird reaction. When he spoke, his throat was very hoarse. “Cathy, I… I feel uncomfortable.”

Catherine was dumbfounded.

Did Shaun not injure that part of his body after getting stabbed in prison last time? After they got back together, they never really had sex before. He had even looked for andrologists for medical consultations previously.

Catherine knew that Shaun had always been uncomfortable about this. She could only encourage him in silence.

However… How did he suddenly recover?

F*ck, he had the intelligence of a two-year-old with a perfectly healthy body.

The heavens might have shut his doors, but they opened a window for him as well.

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