Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1632

Catherine was on the verge of crying. Were the heavens playing a prank on her?

“Cathy…” Shaun lowered his head and looked at Catherine. Due to the steam from the hot shower, his dark eyes looked as though he was about to cry.

Catherine gazed at his thin, red lips. She suppressed her embarrassment and circled his neck. She kissed him softly. “Good boy. It’s okay. I’m right here…”

After bathing, it was 8:00 p.m.

Catherine had made do and bathed with Shaun as well. After changing into a new set of clothes,

Shaun lay down on the bed with a satisfied expression.

On the other hand, Catherine still felt a little awkward and dumbfounded.

She was thinking about whether to call Chester to ask him why the problem of Shaun’s sexual dysfunction had suddenly recovered. However, she thought that such matters were very awkward to talk about, so she just let it slide.

After she woke up the next day, she was still in a blur. Shaun came close and kissed her again. “ Cathy, I feel uncomfortable again.”

Catherine felt that she was doomed.

What happened to Shaun having the intelligence of a two-year-old? Why did she feel like he was improving tremendously in that area and was even better than before?

Of course, not long after, someone knocked on the door outside.

Catherine quickly pushed him away. “The doctor is here. Be good. You can’t be like this anymore.”

“Why?” Shaun pouted. He had an unwilling expression.

“Because we can only kiss in private. I’ll feel embarrassed if someone sees us. If you don’t listen to me, I won’t care about you anymore. ” Catherine had no choice but to threaten him.

Shaun looked unsure of what she meant, but he was afraid that Cathy would ignore him. Therefore, he nodded his head obediently.

Catherine took a blanket to cover his body. She only went to open the door after tidying up a little.

It was Chester and two other doctors who were experts in neurology and psychology respectively.

“We’re here to visit Shaun.” Chester raised his eyebrows. “Did you just wake up? It’s already 8:30 a.m.”

“… I was too tired, so I overslept, ” Catherine replied. She could not possibly say that she and Shaun had already woken up, just that they were ‘ lying in bed’.

“We came to have a look at Shaun’s condition today, ” Chester explained, “If his injury has recovered, you guys can be discharged as soon as possible.”

Catherine nodded. She wanted to go back as soon as possible as well. Staying at home was definitely more comfortable.

The neurologist walked to the bedside and asked Shaun, “Does your head still hurt today?”

Shaun gazed at the doctor’s white robe. He shook his head in fear. “I’m not getting an injection.”

“Don’t be scared. There won’t be an injection, but you have to stay still.” The doctor examined

Shaun’s head. He asked again, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? You have to reply honestly, okay?”

After thinking about it seriously for a while, Shaun lifted the blanket and pointed to a spot near his waist. He said aggrievedly, “It’s uncomfortable here.”

Catherine had the urge to dig a hole and bury herself in it. She pretended that she was blind and could not see what was going on.

“Ahem, Shaun has recovered?” Chester recovered from the shock. He held a fist to his mouth and coughed twice.

“That’s right. Why did he suddenly recover? I just found out about it too.” Catherine acted shocked and innocent with a flushed face. She quickly went over and covered Shaun with the blanket.

The doctors calmed down. One of them cleared his throat and said kindly, “This is normal. Hmm… I think he can be discharged tomorrow.”

“Really?” Catherine was delighted.

“Mm, there’s not much problem with his external injury. This is a problem with the internal part of his brain. His recovery can’t be hastened.” The doctors then left.

When Chester was about to leave, he smiled ambiguously and said, “It seems like I don’t have to go overseas to look for an andrologist for Shaun anymore. This is surprising. He just miraculously recovered.”

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