Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1633

“That’s right. I didn’t expect it either.” After some time, Catherine showed a rueful look.

Chester gave her a profound glance. He did not say anything else about that matter and just said, “You should bring him to the andrology unit for a check- up today just in case, so you can confirm whether it’s just temporary or if he has really recovered. I’ll inform Doctor Leonard, who has been following up on his case.”

“Thank you.”

“No need. Shaun is my friend after all.” A hint of sadness flashed across Chester’s eyes.

He and Shaun had known each other for a long time. Shaun was probably the person who knew him the best. He did not expect that things would turn out like this in the end.

Catherine saw everything. Even though Chester would not make a good husband or boyfriend, he was absolutely amazing as a brother and a friend.

After having lunch in the afternoon, Catherine brought Shaun to the andrology unit.

There were not many people around at this time, so they did not have to worry that someone would spot them.

Doctor Leonard had been entrusted with this important task by Chester, so he stayed back and worked overtime.

At first, Shaun was not really willing to follow Doctor Leonard into the examination room. Hence, Catherine tried hard to persuade him. She used chocolates and the television to coax him. Finally, she managed to get him to go inside.

However, not long after Shaun went in, his cries were heard from inside the room. “You can’t take it off… You’re not allowed to take it off! Cathy said that no one is allowed to take off my pants except her.”

Catherine pretended to be deaf. That was right, she did not hear anything.

Doctor Leonard came out of the examination room resignedly. “Miss Jones, please come in and lend a hand to persuade him. He’s strong. There’s nothing else I can do.”

Catherine felt embarrassed, but she could only bite the bullet and enter the room.

Inside the room, Shaun was holding tightly onto his pants. His eyebrows, nose, and mouth were almost bunched together. He looked as though he would rather die than surrender.

Catherine walked to his side. She bent over and patted his short, dark hair. “Shaunny, listen to the doctor. He wants to examine you.”

Shaun pouted his pink lips confusedly. “But you said… I can’t let anyone else take off my pants. Only you can do that.”

“Ahem.” Doctor Leonard, who was lowering his head and drinking water, quickly used the cup to block his face. He pretended as though he had not heard a thing.

Catherine desperately wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it. However, at that moment, she could only bite the bullet and say, “This doctor can do it too. He just wants to check whether you’re healthy or not. Just this once. Be good, okay?”

“Mm, okay…” Shaun agreed reluctantly.

After finally persuading that little master, Catherine headed outside, relieved.

Behind her, Shaun said to the doctor, “Okay, you can take off my pants, but you… Can’t simply touch me. Catherine said that only she can touch it.”

Catherine stumbled and almost fell.

After finally finding her balance, she quickly ran out.

Her entire face went red.

She was still too embarrassed to raise her head even after Doctor Leonard and Shaun came out.

“Can the patient’s family come over?” Doctor Leonard waved his hand. “I’ve conducted a check-up. He’s very healthy.”

Catherine asked awkwardly, “Then why was he like that before…”

“Actually, I’ve already conducted many examinations on him before this. Although he was injured, his wound was already gradually recovering. I’ve told him before that it might be due to psychological reasons that he was unable to recover. Some men would have trauma after getting hurt.” Doctor Leonard smiled and said, “His mind is just like a plain sheet of paper right now. He

doesn’t know that he was injured before, so he doesn’t feel any pressure. Maybe this is why he went back to normal.”

Catherine understood.

However, it was still unknown whether this was misfortune or luck.

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