Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1635

“Don’t worry, Lucas. I’ll definitely rescue Suzie.” Catherine could only try her best to console Lucas.

Even without Lucas’ reminder, she knew that the kidnapping definitely had something to do with Wesley and Rebecca.

She immediately dialed Elle’s number. “Do you know where Wesley and Rebecca are?”

“Wesley has gone to Melbourne while Rebecca is in the Costner family’s villa.” Elle had been informed of the incident as well. She was very worried. “ I’ve noticed that there are many police and guards at the Costner family’s villa lately. Maybe Prime Minister Snow mobilized them to protect the Costner family after something happened to Matthew.”

Catherine’s face was pale.

Wesley had gone to Melbourne. Even if she risked everything to catch him, it would be too late.

“Elle, ask Hadley to come to the hospital to take care of Shaun. I’ll go to the Costner family’s villa.”

Even if it was a lion’s den, Catherine had to capture Rebecca today.

“Miss Jones, I’ll go along with you,” Elle said.

Catherine hung up. She turned around and said to Shaun, “Shaunny, I’m heading out for a while. Stay in the ward and don’t go anywhere. Hadley will come over later.”

Shaun was flustered upon hearing that. “I want to follow you.”

“Be a good boy. Suzie is missing. I have to find her. Be obedient, Shaunny. If you dare run around, I won’t care about you anymore. ” Catherine could not be bothered anymore. She simply turned around and left.

Elle’s car soon arrived. After Catherine got in, there were five or six cars behind her. The skilled members of Liona were inside the cars.

“I’ve brought all the remaining people in Liona. A small number of them have already gone to look for Suzie’s kidnapper, ” Elle explained.

“How’s the investigation going?” Catherine asked.

“There’s some progress. The kidnapper seems to be related to Big Boss Davis, who was just let out of jail a week ago. Big Boss Davis committed all sorts of crimes in Canberra a few years back. After that, he was caught due to a case. He knows quite a lot of gangsters. Usually, he’s involved in assaults, fights, and blackmailing. As long as there is money involved, he’ll do anything.”

“Then it should have something to do with Rebecca. She’s been short of people recently, so she must’ve spent money to hire these people.” Catherine clenched her fists. “I just don’t know the reason why Rebecca kidnapped Suzie. I’d rather she do it to threaten me.”

Catherine was really afraid that after Rebecca had those people kidnap Suzie, they would kill her right away.

As she kept thinking about it, she became more afraid.

Suzie was her life. If she could save Suzie, she was willing to even give up her life.

On the way over, Catherine called Rodney. “Even if the police shoot me, I have to get into the Costner family’s villa today for Suzie’s sake.”

“F*ck, Rebecca must be crazy. She won’t even spare a child. ” Rodney gasped when he heard about the incident. “If there’s a confrontation when you arrive there, try to buy some time. I’ll come over immediately. As long as I’m there, the security guards won’t dare to shoot.”

“Thank you.” Catherine was grateful.

No matter how much she hated Rodney before, she was sincerely thankful to the people who were willing to help her and Shaun during this period. “ Don’t tell Freya about this in case she comes over with her big belly. It’s not safe.”

“Okay, I know.” 50 minutes later.

A row of cars stopped at the villa’s entrance.

Catherine got down from the car. A row of security guards at the gate blocked Catherine. “Who are you people?”

“ I want to meet Rebecca and Sheryl. ” Catherine’s expression was cold.

The security guards glanced at the people behind her. One of them asked coldly, “Do you have an appointment?”

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