Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1637

“Hit by a car?” Titus narrowed his eyes.

“Mm.” When Suzie recalled that incident, fear flashed across her petite face. “It was also because… I wanted to have cake. Then… Then a car came flying

… because someone hit it. Luckily, Dad was amazing. He saved Lucas and me…”

“Who hit the car?” Titus’ brows were knitted together in a tight frown.

“Lucas said it’s Meanie Wesley,” Suzie said angrily, “He’s a bad guy.”

“Meanie Wesley?” Titus raised his eyebrows.

“Mm.” Suzie nodded her head firmly. Her fists were flying around as she was outraged. “In the past… he was nice to us. But… It was all fake. Hmph, he’s a liar. He even beat Mom up. He also had an affair… Disgusting! ”

“How does a little kid like you know so much?” Titus asked. “Your dad and mom told you these things?”

“Lucas told me.” Suzie pouted. “He’s just older than me by a few minutes, but… he knows just a little bit more than me…”

Titus finally understood.

Catherine must have given birth to a pair of twins— a boy and a girl. Lucas must be her brother. “He knows quite a lot then.”

“Just so-so.” Suzie was not very convinced. “He’s also a little stupid sometimes. He was tricked badly by Meanie Wesley. He even… wanted him… to be our dad.”

Suzie was stammering, but Titus understood her words.

That Meanie Wesley she was talking about must be Wesley Lyons.

Children would not lie. Moreover, Catherine had not taught her children to say these things. It was also a pure coincidence that he rescued Suzie today. There was no way Catherine and Shaun had planned to talk about these things in front of the children beforehand.

There was only one possibility—everything Suzie said was true.

“Suzie, where’s your dad?” Titus’ azure eyes looked gentle.

“Daddy…” Suzie’s eyes suddenly reddened. She sniffled and said, “He became stupid. He’s even calling me his sister now.”

Titus asked, “What happened?”

“ I don’t know. ” Suzie lowered her head. She was clearly upset.

Titus rubbed her head and pressed his lips tightly together.

Half an hour later.

A car arrived at the gate of the Costner family’s villa.

The door of the sedan opened, and Suzie ran out of the car. She flung herself into Catherine’s embrace while crying. “Mommy, I was so scared.”

“It’s okay, darling.” Catherine hugged Suzie tightly, her heart throbbing in pain. “Mommy’s here. Let me have a good look at you.”

She let go of Suzie and checked her body nervously.

Luckily, aside from her dress that got slightly dirty, and her braids that were a little messy, Suzie was not hurt. However, the marks on her hands and legs showed she had been tied up with a rope.

“Tell me what happened. ” Catherine’s voice could not help but waver slightly.

“Mommy, those bad guys…put me into a bag. It was so scary.” Suzie appeared terrified as she cried. “They said… they’d throw me into a pond.”

Catherine’s heart trembled. She could not imagine what would have happened if Titus had been slightly late. Her child would have been thrown into a pond and drowned alive.

That image made her incomprehensibly angry. Had those people lost all of their humanity?

What made her more disappointed was knowing the person behind the scenes who gave the orders.

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