Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1639

Sheryl and Rebecca saw Suzie, who was in Catherine’s arms.

One of them frowned deeply, while the heart of the other person skipped a beat.

Rebecca had clearly told those people to finish off Suzie. Why was Suzie still alive and well? No wonder Big Boss Davis could not be contacted all of a sudden.

However, it was impossible that Catherine could find Suzie that quickly.

Rebecca started racking her brain. She quickly said, “Uncle Titus, we knew from the start that Catherine was making a fuss at the entrance. She even brought a lot of people with her. I was afraid that she would hurt Mom, so I didn’t let her in. What are you and Catherine talking about? She can’t possibly be begging you to let her in, right?”

“Titus, get inside right now.”

Sheryl was talking to him in a commanding tone in front of everyone, and it made Titus’ face look awful.

“Did you hear me? Is this woman seducing you again?” Sheryl was filled with hatred when she saw Catherine’s face that looked like hers when she was young.

Catherine looked at Sheryl and laughed sarcastically. “Mr. Costner, is this your wife? No offense, but she seems undeserving of you.”

“What did you say?” Sheryl was exasperated. She had been well-regarded all her life, and everyone treated her respectfully. No one dared to provoke her like this. “You don’t mean that you’re deserving of him, right? Who do you think you are? You don’t even have the right to be my maid.”

“Mom, don’t be angry. Uncle Titus loves you so much. He surely won’t be seduced by Catherine. ” Rebecca coaxed Sheryl.

However, Sheryl could not keep her rationality and cool despite listening to Rebecca’s words. “Titus Costner, if you don’t come in, we don’t have to be husband and wife anymore.”

Titus’ handsome expression became frosty out of anger.

He thought that Sheryl’s words were a humiliation to him.

He was already keeping a distance from Catherine, not to mention that Catherine was much younger than him. However, Sheryl and Rebecca’s words made it sound as though he was a heartless and shameless person.

“Uncle Titus, let me go in.” Catherine looked at him. The way she addressed him had already changed to ‘Uncle Titus’.

Titus glanced at her with complicated feelings. Then, he waved his hand and coldly ordered, “Open the gate.”

The security guards opened the gate. Catherine brought her people with her and walked inside. Sheryl went insane due to anger.

“Titus, why did you let her in? Are you thinking of killing me while Shaun isn’t here and because this is Australia?” Sheryl’s glare was filled with wariness and iciness. “I’m warning you. If something happens to me in Australia, the elders on the island will immediately end all collaborations with the Costner family. Neah Bay will lose its peace.”

“Sherry, I really can’t understand. We’ve been husband and wife for 20 years. When did I become so evil in your heart?”

Titus’ eyes were filled with sadness. “ I love you so much. I knew from the start that you had a child before, but I never minded it. But you think I’ll love someone else and kill you?”

The agony in the man’s eyes made Sheryl’s body stiffen.

Her heart was in pain. When she thought about it, her head suddenly felt a swelling pain.

A lot of scenes flashed through her head.

There was the scene of Titus and Catherine

behaving intimately and drinking coffee in the cafe.

There was the scene of Titus and Catherine hugging each other.

There was also the scene of Titus and Catherine making out.

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