Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1640

Every one of those scenes almost made Sheryl go crazy.

“You’ll definitely do that. All men are horrible ! It’s not like you didn’t have any ex-girlfriends before meeting me.” Sheryl glared at Titus furiously.

“Mom, don’t quarrel with Uncle Titus…”

Before Rebecca finished her sentence, Catherine stepped forward and slapped her hard.

“Rebecca!” Sheryl was shocked. When she came back to her senses, she immediately raised her hand to slap Catherine too.

However, Catherine quickly grabbed Sheryl’s hand and gazed at Sheryl’s face.

This was the face she used to think about countless times in her memories.

Her heart was in pain as though someone was squeezing it.

Catherine asked coldly, “ If you weren’t my mother or my elder, I’d slap you too.”

Sheryl sneered. “Don’t think I don’t know about your intentions. You want to be my daughter because there are plenty of benefits to reap.

Unfortunately, how could I possibly have given birth to such an evil daughter like you?”

“Hah.” Catherine laughed coldly as though she had heard a joke. She even laughed until there were tears in her eyes. “I’m evil? Can my evilness compare to yours? Let me ask you, did you know about Rebecca kidnapping Suzie? Or were you the one who planned this?”

“That’s right. I was the one who asked her to kidnap your daughter. You’d better hand over my son right now.” Sheryl had already lost all rationality from being stimulated. She blurted out, “ Otherwise, this will just be the start. I want to toss your whole family into the pits of hell.”

Catherine was so heartbroken that tears started streaming down her face.

“Sherry, ” Titus scolded in a low voice. He went forward and pulled Sheryl away.

“How dare you yank me? Titus, I want a divorce! ” Sheryl used her fists to hit his chest out of anger.

“Sheryl, can you get a hold of yourself?” Titus yelled, “The Sheryl I know isn’t a woman who’ll harm a child.”

“I am that kind of woman. I’ve always been this evil.” It was as if Sheryl had gone insane. “She caused my mom’s death and harmed my daughter. I want to let her have a taste of my agony too.”

Titus raised his hand straight away. He knocked Sheryl out and carried her.

“Mom!” Rebecca was shocked and had a bad feeling. “Uncle Titus, are you really betraying Mom? She’s only like this because she loves you too much.”

Titus coldly stared at her.

Right after this woman appeared, his once lovely family was about to be shattered.

Initially, he wanted to pretend like he did not know anything and slowly investigate Matthew’s whereabouts. He would deal with Rebecca later.

However, he knew that if he kept tolerating this, it would only worsen his relationship with Sheryl. At the same time, it would hurt more people as well.

“Rebecca, do you think I’m easy to fool?” Titus’ bottomless gaze swept across Rebecca. Her heart went cold. She felt pressured and suffocated.

“Uncle Titus, I don’t know what you’re talking about—ugh.”

Before Rebecca finished her sentence, Titus strangled her.

“You’re not related to me in any way.” Titus’ handsome face was hostile. “I don’t care how you usually please Sheryl, but you can’t fool me as though I’m an idiot. I’ve met many women like you. You like money, yet you act like you don’t care. When you see money and valuables, there’s greed in your eyes, but you fake a nonchalant expression. You’re clearly aiming for Sheryl’s money, but you pretend as though having her as your mom is enough. When Sheryl and I quarrel, you look as though you’re trying to stop us on the surface but in reality, you’re making it worse. Do you think I know nothing at all?”

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