Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1642

“That’s only if you’re really her daughter.” Titus’ sharp eyes seemed to penetrate Rebecca. “Take her away.”

“Of course, I am. The DNA test is the best proof, ” Rebecca said. “Titus, you’re clearly having an affair with Catherine. You’re in cahoots with her to deceive Mom. You hypocrite! ”

As she cursed, Titus’ expression darkened with anger. Someone finally dragged Rebecca away to lock her up.


Titus picked Sheryl up and turned around to walk out. He got into the car and left.

Catherine stood frozen in place. Her mind echoed with Titus’ words earlier. ‘That’s only if you’re really her daughter’.

It seemed that Titus was already suspecting that Rebecca was a fake.

However, even if he believed that, Sheryl would not.

Catherine’s mouth curled in self-deprecation. Actually, it no longer mattered to her who Sheryl’s daughter was anymore.

When she thought of the malicious words Sheryl had said to her and how Sheryl had helped the enemy again and again, she was a little disgusted by her. She hated Sheryl, and she hated having a mother like her.

She did not want to acknowledge Sheryl as her mother at all.

“Miss Jones, where’s Mr. Costner taking his wife?” Elle asked curiously.

“She’s unconscious, so probably to the hospital.” Catherine picked Suzie up. “Go to the police station and find out about the kidnappers. Ask how the interrogation went. I don’t believe that Rebecca will be accused of a crime that easily.”


Catherine carried Suzie to the car.

Suzie sat in her arms the whole way. “Mommy, did that granny get someone to kidnap me? She’s so bad.”

“… Yeah, she’s really bad. We don’t like her.”

Catherine hugged Suzie’s little head. “ I’ll buy you your favorite chocolate later…”

“No. ” Suzie shuddered. “I’ll never eat candy again. Something always happens when I buy candy. I don’t wanna eat sweets anymore. I don’t wanna go anywhere. I just wanna hold Mommy.”

Catherine looked at Suzie’s fragile and pale little face. She knew that the child was traumatized.

Suzie was so young, but she had already encountered several life -and-death crises. Anyone would be afraid.

They went all the way back to Hill Manor.

As soon as Lucas saw Suzie, he rushed over and quickly hugged her. His handsome eyes were red.

Although they often quarreled and fought, Suzie was more important than anything else to Lucas.

When Suzie was taken away in front of Lucas, the memory was deeply engraved in him.

“Lucas, I thought I’d never see you again. I was so scared.” Suzie hugged him and started to sob loudly.

“It’s okay. I swear that I’ll protect you in the future.” Lucas clenched his fists seriously.

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