Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1643

The more Shaun spoke, the angrier he became. He suddenly pulled Liam up and punched him mercilessly.

Liam had a hangover and was no match for Shaun at all. Coupled with the mental blows he had been dealt, his whole person became muddle-headed.

He was beaten by Shaun until he spat out blood.

He lay on the ground and started to laugh. He laughed so hard that tears welled up in his eyes.

What… had he done wrong?

He had not done anything. Why was everyone blaming him?

“Hit me, Shaun. Beat me to death if you can!” Liam roared at him with red eyes.

“I won’t beat you to death, but I want to make you unable to take over Campos Corporation for the rest of your life. Mason Campos is a vicious man. Do you think he’ll want a crippled son?”

Shaun picked up an iron pipe and hit Liam’s leg hard.

Liam heard the crack that came from the joints in his leg. His eyes widened and he fell to the ground immediately. Holding his leg, he curled up into a ball. He almost fainted from the pain.

Shaun looked down at him. His hand that was holding the iron pipe was slightly shaking. After struggling for a long time, he turned his head to Chance and said, “Throw him out. I never want to see this person in my life again.”

Chance glanced at him, and the members of Liona dragged Liam out.

Liam glared at him the whole time with reddened eyes. His gaze was hidden with deadly hatred.

After he left, the hall was so quiet that even the sound of a pin falling to the ground could be heard.

The members of Liona had just seen the two brothers of the Hill family fight. None of them dared to breathe too loudly.

Then, the phone that Liam had dropped to the ground suddenly rang.

Shaun bent down to pick it up and saw the word ‘ Cathy’ on the screen.

His throat bobbed. The phone rang for more than ten seconds before he answered it.

“Hey, Liam. Are you awake yet? I’ll reach your hotel in around ten more minutes.” Catherine’s voice was heard.

Shaun’s heart felt bitter. After coming back, she would rather keep in contact with Liam but never thought about contacting him.

“Liam, why aren’t you talking? Are you still drunk? I want to ask you about Su— ”

“Liam isn’t here, ” Shaun interrupted her gruffly. Catherine was shocked. It was Shaun’s voice.

She had almost revealed Suzie’s identity.

“Why is Liam’s phone with you?” She suddenly remembered that the Hill family thought that Liam was a thief and had a bad feeling in her heart. “ What did you do to Liam?”

Shaun said in a low voice, “He’s the traitor who ruined Hill Corporation. What do you think I did to him?”

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