Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1644

Brennan was also instantly embarrassed. If one added up his and Lea’s age, it would be almost a hundred. Even so, his face could not help but grow hot.

Catherine, who was standing at the side, almost burst out laughing. However, she held back and did not say anything. She was actually looking forward to them reconciling.

“Suzie, that won’t do.” Lea stiffly refused her request in a gentle voice.

“Why not? My preschool friend said that her grandpa and grandma sleep with her sometimes, ” Suzie said with conviction.

“Your grandma and I are divorced,” Brennan explained in a low voice.

“My daddy and mommy are also divorced but they still sleep together every day, ” Suzie said with an innocent face.

Catherine, who was suddenly dragged into this, “..” “Um, I’ll go now.” Catherine waved, wanting to hurry up and extricate herself from this awkward situation.

As for the little imp Suzie, she would let Lea and Brennan take care of her.

She kissed the two children and ran away.

Brennan and Lea exchanged a rare tacit glance. They also wanted to run away but could not.

Since something had happened to their son, taking care of their grandchildren was their duty.

“Let’s sleep together, okay?” Suzie grabbed her grandparents with one hand each and said sadly, “ Actually, I want Daddy and Mommy to accompany me, but they don’t have time now.”

Suzie sniffed, looking like she was about to cry.

Lea’s heart ached when she saw it and quickly said, “Lucas, hurry up and comfort Suzie.”

“Grandma, I’m not the one who made her cry.” Lucas looked as though he was completely uninvolved in the matter. “Grandma, your son is really lacking. He was deceived by a woman and then divorced my mom. After going through so much trouble to get back together with Mommy, he

fell into someone’s trap again. Now, he has the IQ of a two-year-old and even snatched Mommy away from us. I originally thought that by coming here, I’ll get a daddy along with a mommy, but now even Mommy isn’t around anymore.”

Brennan and Lea were even more embarrassed by the child’s words.

There was nothing wrong with what Lucas said.

Lea did not want to talk anymore and looked at Brennan. “You explain it.”

Brennan’s expression was complicated. What could he say? It was indeed Shaun’s fault. He was tricked by Sarah time and again. Now, he even wanted Catherine to give up spending time with her children to accompany him.

In the end, the ones who were suffering the most were the children.

However, to ask him to sleep with Lea…

Brennan felt conflicted. When he miserably left the country back then, his hatred for her had long surpassed his love.

These decades, it was not like there were no women who threw themselves at him. However, he was bent on revenge and had no other thoughts.

After he came back and got revenge, he learned that Lea had also gotten tricked by Mason. Hence, he could not retaliate against her.

He never thought about getting back together with her.

However, too many things have happened recently. Due to this son and grandchildren, he became more entangled with the Hill family.

“Okay, Grandpa and Grandma will accompany you.” Brennan suddenly opened his mouth after a long time.

Lea looked back at him in shock.

Under the moonlight, she could see that there were fine lines at the corners of his eyes. Even so, he had taken good care of his appearance. His handsome and cold outlines had become more mature and reserved with the passage of time. His figure was still tall and upright, as though he was a glass of fine wine that grew more and more mellow as time passed.

She was already in her middle age, but her heart suddenly skipped a few beats like when she was young.

When they were married, her heart had been touched by Brennan before, so it was actually easy to revive that feeling again.

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