Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1645

As Catherine drove to the hospital, she silently sympathized with Brennan and Lea.

She felt that Suzie and Lucas were about to trick them again.

However, that was fine. Although Brennan was very cold toward Lea, he had not remarried for decades and there was no woman around him. Maybe he really had not let go of Lea.

It was almost 8:00 p.m. by the time she reached the hospital.

Catherine hurried into the ward, where Shaun was curled up in a ball with his back to the door. The pale light fell on his figure, giving him an air of loneliness.

Hadley stood up and shrugged at her helplessly. Catherine nodded and walked over.

Shaun’s handsome and clean face was full of grievances, sadness, and loneliness. His eyes were tinged red as though tears were about to fall yet he was desperately enduring it. His lips were also

pressed together tightly, making him look like a poor child who was refusing to cry even though he was suffering.

Catherine’s heart almost melted.

She really could not stand seeing a big man like him show such an adorable expression.

She walked over, sat on the bed, and rubbed his head. “Why aren’t you eating? Aren’t you hungry?”

When Shaun saw her, his dark eyes instantly brightened as though there were countless stars twinkling in them.

If there was a tail behind him, it would definitely be wagging rapidly now.

“Cathy, you’re back.”

“Yeah, ” Catherine repeated her question, “Why aren’t you eating?”

“ I don’t want to eat if you’re not around. ” Shaun pouted and glanced at Hadley. “I don’t like him.

He’s not as good-looking as you.”

Hadley, “….”

He wanted to cry. ‘Young Master Hill, you’re so biased when it comes to your woman. I didn’t notice it before.’

“A person can’t survive on their looks alone, ” Catherine said gently, “Plus, Hadley cares about you very much.”

“I don’t want him to care about me. I just want you.” Shaun looked at her with his clear and beautiful eyes.

Catherine’s face heated up at his stare. However, too many things had happened today and she was a little tired. Hence, she did not have the strength to be affectionate with him. “I’ll feed you, okay?”

“Okay.” Shaun nodded hard.

Hadley quickly brought over the takeaway box. “It’s still warm.”

“Thank you, Hadley. You should go back and rest, ” Catherine said.

“But…” Hadley saw her tired appearance and could not bear to leave.

“It’s fine. He’s much easier to deal with than Suzie.” Catherine joked.

Hadley sighed in his heart before leaving. She took the spoon and fed Shaun the stew.

Shaun was actually hungry but he did not want to eat without seeing her first. Now that she was back, he immediately ate the stew with gusto.

After eating for a while, he suddenly asked, “Did… you find Suzie?”

“Yeah, ” Catherine said.

Shaun nodded and said seriously, “ She must have run around. She’s naughty.”

Catherine smiled silently.

She could not explain to him that Suzie was kidnapped.

Sometimes, she thought that it was good that Shaun was in this state now. He no longer needed to face many things.

However, she felt very tired. Sometimes, she wanted someone to rely on, but when Suzie disappeared, she did not even have the right to cry.

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