Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1647

“What happens if a normal person takes it?” Titus suddenly interrupted the doctor with an unpleasant expression.

The doctor paused. “Then it’ll be a little troublesome. As you know, it’s a drug. At first, the person will suffer from insomnia and fatigue. Later on, there’ll be a decline in memory and intelligence. The person’s temper will become irate, their mind will become sluggish, and their mood will become restless. In serious cases, the person might hallucinate and even become addicted.”

“Addicted?” Titus clenched his fists, veins fiercely throbbing on the back of his hands.

The symptoms that the doctor listed were very much in line with Sheryl’s current state.

It was all his fault for being too negligent lately. He only thought that Sheryl was simply jealous and in a bad mood because of Catherine, which was why she kept arguing with him.

If not for Catherine’s reminder, he would never have brought Sheryl for a full check-up.

“Yes, it’s just like taking drugs, ” the doctor said seriously, “If she doesn’t continue to take it, she’ll become even more agitated. If she suddenly stops taking it, her mood swings will get worse. In serious cases… she’ll go crazy.”

Titus suddenly stood up.

When a tall man like him flew into a rage, it was enough to make the doctor terrified.

“Can she be cured?” Titus asked.

“Of course, it’s just a matter of time. However, we still don’t know what kind of drug she’s been taking. I was only able to extract one ingredient of the drug from her blood, but as you know, there are many kinds of ingredients in drugs. Different kinds of drugs have different kinds of ingredients too. ”

The doctor hesitated before saying, “The examinations we did earlier were when she was unconscious, but there are some parts of the neurological examination that must be done when she’s awake. We’ll need her to cooperate…”

Titus became antsy.

With Sheryl’s current mood, she would never let the doctor examine her without kicking up a fuss. It would be good enough if she did not demand a divorce immediately after waking up.

If only Matthew were around, he would be able to persuade her.

The decisive Titus Costner would probably only feel this conflicted when it came to his wife.

If possible, he wanted to take Sheryl back to Neah Bay for treatment. However, what about Matthew? Was he just supposed to abandon his son?

“What if I can find that drug?” Titus asked in a low and cold voice.

“Then the scope of treatment will be much narrower. Even if she doesn’t cooperate with the treatment, we’ll be more confident about it. ” The doctor nodded thoughtfully.

“Please look after her for me for now. Try to let her sleep as much as possible.” Titus frowned and made the arrangements.

The doctor shook his head. “That won’t do. If we give her an injection to put her to sleep, it’ll only make things worse, which is not conducive for her treatment.”

“Then I’ll have someone keep guard of the ward and not let her out for the time being,” Titus gritted his teeth and said ruthlessly.


Titus walked out with his long legs.

After taking the elevator to the parking lot and getting into the car, he pulled out a paper bag from his pocket. There were a few strands of hair inside.

“Arrange for the injured bodyguards to be sent back to Neah Bay for treatment,” Titus said to his assistant. “And take this back with you too. Get these samples to one of our hospitals and have a DNA test done as soon as possible.”

The assistant froze and quickly took the paper bag. “This is…”

“The Madam and Suzie’s hair, ” Titus said, “ I don’t trust the hospitals in Australia to do the DNA test. ”

The assistant understood.

Although Mr. Costner somewhat believed in Catherine, he still had to be vigilant.

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