Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1648

After all, who would have thought that they would discover Rebecca’s vicious nature after coming to Australia?

“Go back to the villa now. I want to interrogate Rebecca.” Titus’ eyes were chilling, and his brows were furrowed.

He had never been played by a woman like this in his whole life.

He thought that Rebecca was just money-loving, greedy, and a phony. However, he never thought that she would dare to drug Sheryl.

He hated her so much that he wanted to skin her alive.

However, before that, he had to find out why Rebecca gave Sheryl that drug.

He remembered that Sheryl had always been good to her. Maybe Sheryl found out about Rebecca’s intentions but Sheryl had already acknowledged Rebecca as her daughter. Sheryl once told him that she owed her daughter and wanted to make it up to

her, so why did Rebecca need to do something so desperate like drugging her?

The car sped to the villa.

Right after he got out of the car, he noticed that several guards in the front yard were missing.

“Mr. Costner, b-bad news.” The overwhelmed butler trotted over with a pale and chubby face. “ Rebecca… Rebecca fell from the building.”

Titus stiffened, and his assistant was shocked. “ How did that happen? Is she still alive?”

“ She’s dead, ” the butler shuddered and said, “You told us to lock her up, so we locked her up on the third floor. The door was locked so she probably tried to escape from the window, but she accidentally slipped and fell onto the concrete floor head first. Her skull was split open.”


Titus snapped and strode over immediately.

In the open space of the backyard, a group of bodyguards had gathered around.

Next to the corner of the wall was Rebecca’s body covered with a white cloth.

When the guards saw Titus coming, they immediately made way for him.

Titus went over and lifted the cloth. When he saw Rebecca’s face, he laughed in anger.

“I told you to watch over her, yet you let this happen?” Titus’s icy eyes swept toward the guards.

All of the guards were elites, but when faced with Titus’ height of two meters, they felt oppressed by him.

In the end, it was the captain who stepped forward. “W-We’re sorry. We wanted to seal the windows but there were no boards in the villa that we could board the windows up with, so I thought that we’d seal them tomorrow. It was dark in the courtyard at night and there were no pipes on the walls that she could use to escape. Our men were also standing guard under the windows, so we didn’t think that she would escape.”

“Yes, we were also shocked when we suddenly heard a crash.” Another guard also stepped forward and said, “Mr. Costner, although you told us to watch over her, we were also sent by the prime minister to protect you. If word of this woman’s sudden death gets out, the consequences will be hard to deal with. After all, she’s not a real criminal and there’s no evidence of her crime.”

Titus glanced at the man coldly. The man’s heart thumped, but he still puffed out his chest and said, “ I’m telling the truth.”

Titus’ face grew cold as he went silent for a moment. Then, he reached out to his assistant. “ Bring me a pair of gloves.”

The assistant hurriedly found a pair of gloves from the villa and handed them to him.

Titus personally went over and crouched to examine Rebecca’s corpse. Then, he looked back at the group of guards, saying to the captain, “Take her away. You should know how to handle it. Keep a low profile.”

Then, he went upstairs and left the group of guards to stare at each other.

The assistant followed behind him. When they entered the study, he asked in a low voice, “Mr. Costner, how did she suddenly die?”

“She was pushed down from the room, ” Titus lit up a cigarette and said indifferently.

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