Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1649

The assistant was shocked. “That can’t be.”

Then, he suddenly realized that after Titus took Sheryl to the hospital today, only two bodyguards were left in the hospital. They were still keeping guard outside her ward.

Besides the butler and servants, only the security guards were left in the villa.

If a housekeeper or servant wanted to push Rebecca down, the woman would definitely scream and resist. However, none of the guards knew about it and thought that she fell to her death from the window because she tried to escape.

It was too bizarre.

“President Costner, are you suspecting that… ” That it was someone from the security team who killed Rebecca?

When the assistant said that, Titus gave him a warning look and spoke in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “She has bruises on her back and arms, which she probably got when grappling with another person.” The assistant fell silent.

Titus was the head of the Costner family.

Although the Costner family was fiercely competitive, Titus had climbed up from the bottom step by step. Hence, he was experienced.

“President Costner, the people protecting us outside were assigned by Nathan Snow. Do you think he—”

“No. ” Titus shook his head. “Nathan just rose to his position. It’s impossible for him to control the entire country at once, and it’s impossible to make everyone loyal to him. There’ll always be people who act for the sake of profits. They’ll think differently from him.

The assistant was a little alarmed. “President Costner, why don’t we… leave Australia first? Any other country would be safer than Australia now. ”

Titus snorted a laugh. “ I’ve experienced all sorts of things and even been to war-torn battlefields. Do you think I’d be scared of this?”

The assistant smiled wryly. ‘That was when you were still young.’

“But we can’t stay here either. Who knows which ones of those guards are the good ones? They might even try to harm you.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t dare to touch me, and they won’t dare to let me die while I’m in Australia either. They only killed Rebecca to silence her.” Titus sneered. “I’m now go percent sure that she’s not Sheryl’s daughter at all.”

The assistant was shocked, and his scalp tingled. “ She’s really bold for daring to scheme with you around. However, in Madam’s current state, she won’t believe us. If she finds out that Rebecca is dead, she might even…”

Titus took a deep drag of the cigarette, his unfathomable eyes overflowing with annoyance. “ That’s why we have to cure her illness as soon as possible. Conceal this matter from her first. She mustn’t find out about it.”

The assistant thought about it. “Now that Rebecca is dead, we can’t ask her what drug she gave Madam. Why don’t I search her room…”

“Go ahead, but I don’t think you’ll be able to find anything. It was definitely taken away by someone.” Titus did not have much hope. The people around him had already killed Rebecca, so there was no way they would leave the drug behind.

The assistant went to look for the drug anyway, but in the end, nothing was found.

The next day.

Chester brought a doctor to examine Shaun, who determined that Shaun could be discharged from the hospital.

Catherine immediately ran downstairs to go through the discharge formalities.

After confirming that he no longer needed to stay in the hospital, Shaun was overjoyed. “That’s great. I want to go to the playground.”

Catherine, “….”

She pictured an image of a 3o- year- old man playing in the sandbox and was a little unsure of how to refuse his request.

Elle cleared her throat. “Well… Young Master Hill, you can’t wear your patient gown out. You have to change first.”

“Elle, I already said that my name isn’t Young Master Hill. That’s such an ugly name. Just call me Shaunny.” Shaun rolled his eyes at her and revealed a look of disdain.

Elle was distressed. How would she dare to call Young Master Hill ‘Shaunny’? She did not have the guts to.

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