Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1650

Elle was afraid that Shaun would strangle her to death when he recovered.

“Go and change.” Catherine saw Elle’s embarrassed look and took out a set of men’s casual clothes from the closet. The clothes would make him look like a man with a sunny disposition. It was a pair of jeans and a denim shirt. She thought that Shaun would definitely look good in them.

However, Shaun took one look at the clothes and frowned. “I don’t like them. They’re ugly.”

“They’re not ugly. They look good. You’ll look like someone with a sunny disposition if you wear these clothes.” Catherine coaxed him.

“I don’t want to wear these.” Shaun twisted his body. His spoiled attitude made Elle have goosebumps all over. She really did not know how Catherine could face Young Master Hill when he was acting like this. It was indeed true love.

“Then what do you want to wear?” Catherine sighed and asked in resignation.

Shaun grinned, his white teeth flashing brightly. “ The PAW Patrol shirt Lucas wore last time looks really nice. I like it.”

Catherine, “….”

Shaun continued, “Also, that brother in the corridor from yesterday… His Ultraman shirt also looks good.”

Elle’s sweat dripped. If Young Master Hill dressed like that, it would definitely turn heads.

“But I want to see you in these clothes more.” Catherine’s eyes suddenly overflowed with deep disappointment. “I thought that Shaunny would look more handsome in these clothes, so I specially chose them for you. I guess you don’t like what I chose.”

Then, her stunning eyelashes slightly drooped, making her look incredibly crestfallen.

Shaun immediately panicked and quickly waved his hand. “No, no, I like them. Cathy, don’t be sad. I’ll wear them.”

Then, he hurriedly grabbed the clothes.

“Thank you, Shaunny. ” Catherine looked up and revealed a happy expression.

Shaun grinned from ear to ear.

Elle could not bear to look at this scene and quickly went out the door.

Sure enough, as long as Young Master Hill and Miss Jones were together, it did not matter if he was a fool. They always showed off how affectionate they were.

Catherine helped Shaun take off his patient gown and said in a low voice, “Shaunny, you have to learn how to wear your own clothes. You can’t expect me t o help you all the time. Look, this is how you button your shirt.”

“Oh, but I’m just a kid. I don’t wanna move,” Shaun said matter-of-factly.

“All kids have to learn how to dress themselves. Suzie and Lucas can already put on their clothes by themselves.” Catherine persuaded him.

“But they’re older than me.”

Older her *ss! Just how shameless was he?

“But you’re much taller than them,” Catherine said seriously, “You’re as tall as me. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

“Nope.” Shaun shook his head.

There was no point in continuing this conversation.

Catherine felt like she had to go dig up the old picture books she previously bought for Lucas and Suzie that showed kids how to do day-to-day tasks by themselves.

After changing his clothes, Catherine took Shaun’s hand and prepared to go home.

However, right after opening the door, they saw a foreign man in a suit standing outside. He was talking with Elle.

When the man saw Catherine, he came forward. “

Hello, Miss Jones. I’m President Costner’s assistant, Warren Morse. President Costner wishes to meet with you. He’s waiting for you in the parking lot.”

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