Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1651

Catherine remembered seeing this person beside Titus before.

Titus had helped her yesterday, so she could not refuse. “Okay.”

She wanted to go to the parking lot anyway. They took the elevator down.

Shaun leaned on the glass elevator like a curious baby. The glass was transparent, so he could see the crowd on the first floor below.

“Wow! Look, Cathy. There are so many people.”

Warren could not help but glance over. He had seen Shaun Hill’s powerful appearance in the news, so his behavior seemed… odd.

Catherine did not explain anything to him. After reaching the parking lot, she persuaded Shaun to wait in Hadley’s car first.

“No, I wanna go with you. ” Shaun held her hand tightly.

“Okay. ” Catherine had no choice but to take him along.

Titus was sitting in a Rolls-Royce sedan.

Catherine opened the door and saw Titus in the backseat. After hesitating, she let Shaun get in first before sitting by the door.

“Hello, Mister, ” Shaun smiled politely and called out sweetly when he saw Titus.

He remembered Cathy saying that it was important to be polite to elders.

“Mister, you’re so tall.” Shaun saw that Titus’ head was almost touching the roof of the car. “But Cathy said that as long as I eat more, I’ll definitely be as tall as you.”

His words made Catherine a little embarrassed.

Seeing his silly behavior, Titus frowned and jerked his head at Catherine. “He’s… really like this now?”

“Yeah.” Catherine nodded.

“How did he become like this?” Titus asked.

“ It was Wesley,” Catherine said, not caring about whether he would believe her or not. “Uncle Titus, what did you call me here for?”

Titus looked at her. She was even calling him ‘Uncle Titus’ now, so it seemed they were no longer as distant toward each other.

He had no problems with it. After all, it was possible that she was Sheryl’s daughter, so they might be a family in the future.

“Rebecca is dead.”

His thin lips moved as he spat out a piece of explosive news.

“What?” Catherine was completely shocked as her eyes widened. “You… You’re joking, right?”

Titus observed her expression and confirmed that she really did not know anything about it. Frankly speaking, he had been a little worried that she called Nathan and got the guard to kill Rebecca.

It seemed that he was too paranoid.

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