Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1652

“She’s dead. I went back too late last night, and when I came back, it turned out Rebecca had fallen from the balcony and died. The guard said that she fell to her death when she was trying to escape. Her body has already been sent to the funeral home. ”

Catherine was stunned.

She was a little dumbfounded.

She had always regarded Rebecca as an indestructible cockroach. How did she suddenly die like that?

She had painstakingly made up one lie after another and became Sheryl’s daughter just so she could get revenge on Catherine and Shaun. She was completely fine before this, so how did she suddenly die?

Catherine felt like she was dreaming.

“How could Rebecca die so easily?” Catherine muttered. “Is she faking it?”

“It’s true.” Titus nodded and made light of the matter. “It’s just a dead person. What’s the big deal?”

Catherine smiled wryly. “You might not know this, but I’ve been fighting Rebecca for several years.

Every time I think that I’m about to win, she’s somehow able to turn the tides. In any case, she made the lives of me and my friends quite miserable. I never even expected to beat her, so I thought that I would take her down with me.”

Titus looked at her deeply and could tell that Rebecca had truly pushed her to the edge. Of course, part of the reason was because of Sheryl and his involvement too.

“I checked Rebecca’s body. She was pushed off the building. That day, besides the butler and the servants, only the security guards were in the villa.”

Catherine paused and thought for a few seconds before saying, “It’s probably one of the guards who did it. If the butler or servants had tried to push her down, it would definitely attract the attention of the guards. It has to be one of the guards.”

“We have the same thoughts.”

Titus revealed an expression of approval. “I’ve already informed Prime Minister Snow about this matter. He was also very surprised and has started secretly investigating it.”

Catherine nodded. “Uncle Nathan just became the prime minister, so he might not have settled the former cabinet from Prime Minister Zeller’s time. The government dignitaries on Uncle Nathan’s side are also rising. Some people may start to become disloyal after rising in status.”

“You’re very smart.” Titus raised his eyebrows. He was more and more certain that Catherine was Sheryl’s daughter. Sheryl also used to be this calm and wise. Unfortunately…

“Actually, there’s one person I’m suspicious of,” Catherine said, “Gavin Mead. He was previously Senator Mead and is now currently Minister Mead. He’s very close to Wesley now. Wesley was probably afraid that Rebecca would rat him out, so he asked the Mead family to silence her.”

“As far as I know, that person is Nathan Snow’s left and right hand.” Titus’ eyes flickered. “It seems Wesley is only familiar with him because of the bridge built by Rebecca. They haven’t known each other for long.”

“You don’t understand Wesley. He’s very shrewd and much more powerful than Rebecca. I think that Rebecca was just a pawn for him to use. Now, Golden Corporation is expanding rapidly and can’t be compared to how it was before. Wesley has taken

over the medical industry in Country Y. Gavin Mead looked down on Wesley before this because he was not qualified, but it’s different now. Everyone wants to earn money and get more benefits. To put it bluntly, a businessman and politician share very complementary relationships.”

Catherine smiled. “I’ve been to the Meads’ residence before and met his daughter a few times before. His daughter is quite arrogant and even looked down on Nathan’s goddaughter. You can tell the character of someone by how they’ve raised their children. I think Minister Mead must’ve become more ambitious after rising in position.

People are like that. The more they own, the more they want.

“What you said is quite interesting.”

Titus expressed his approval. “If it’s really him, then it’ll be troublesome. I don’t think Nathan will be willing to have a fallout with Gavin.”

“Yes. He just rose to his position. If he cuts off his right-hand man, Gavin Mead, it’ll be detrimental to him. Although Uncle Nathan usually treats us well, that’s only on the premise that it doesn’t affect his position.” Catherine was very self-aware. “He’ll probably try to act as a peacemaker in this matter.”

“Cathy, what are you talking about? You’re making my head spin.” Shaun, who was squeezed between the two, suddenly pouted and complained.

“Sorry, Shaunny. Uncle Titus and I will finish talking soon.” Catherine comforted him warmly and said to Titus, “Thank you for bringing me this news today. If there’s nothing else, I’ll…”

“I brought Sheryl to the hospital for a check—up yesterday. Your suspicions were right. Rebecca had drugged her meals,” Titus interrupted her and said.

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