Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1654

“Even when Sheryl noticed that Rebecca’s behavior was inappropriate, Rebecca would always bring up that she was abducted as a child. As a mother, Sheryl naturally blamed herself. She thought that if she had been around, her daughter wouldn’t have suffered so much. If she had the chance to educate her daughter, her daughter wouldn’t have become vain and pretentious.”

Catherine choked for a moment.

Her heart was subconsciously stirred up.

“You’re a mother yourself, so you should be able to understand her feelings.” Each of Titus’ words seemed to pierce her heart. “Will a mother who loves her children regard them with disdain? She won’t. If her child turns out bad, she’ll only blame herself.”

“But she shouldn’t have indulged Rebecca without limits, ” Catherine said.

“Do you think she was clear-headed when she indulged Rebecca?” Titus asked.

Catherine was immediately at a loss for words.

Titus looked at her distracted expression and sighed in his heart. “Actually, I’ve thought about it. When Sheryl just arrived in Melbourne, she told me that memories were flashing in her head. However, she stopped experiencing that afterward. Rebecca probably began to drug her because she was afraid of Sheryl regaining her memory. As her husband, I was careless as well.”

“If she had regained her memory, she would know that the name she gave to her daughter was Catherine, not Rebecca. Hah.” Catherine smiled in irony.

Titus looked at her silently.

“Forget it. You don’t believe that I’m her daughter anyway.” Catherine opened the door and prepared to leave.

“I believe it now. Jeffery and his wife are very problematic. We were all tricked by them.

Unfortunately, all my men are injured now. Otherwise, I’d definitely deal with them, ” Titus said with an expression as cold as ice.

“Rebecca is their daughter. Before this, their family wanted to swallow up Hudson Corporation but my grandmother didn’t let them because she knew Hudson was something my mother left for me. Hence, they killed my grandmother. It wasn’t easy for me to get Hudson Corporation back.”

Catherine looked back at him. “Uncle Titus, I advise you to take her and leave Australia soon.”

Then, she held Shaun’s hand and left.

She had been enduring it, but after remembering what Titus said, her eyes could not help but redden.

Sheryl loved her daughter, but she gave that love to Rebecca and harmed Catherine instead.

“Cathy, why are you crying?”

Shaun’s bewildered voice suddenly sounded by her ear. “Did that bad uncle make you angry? I’ll go beat him up.”

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