Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1656

As they headed inside and walked for a while, they suddenly realized that one person was missing.

They turned around and saw Shaun was still standing where he was. His lips were pulled in a deep pout and he wore an expression that seemed to say ‘I’ve been abandoned, poor me’.

Catherine and the others felt their hearts go numb at the sight as if they had suddenly become sinners for neglecting a little darling.

As his mother, Lea was feeling even guiltier and said gently, “Shaunny, come over. I’ll have someone bake you a cake.”

Shaun ignored her and looked at Catherine sulkily. “

I’m angry now. You ignored me.”

“…I wasn’t ignoring you. I thought you’d follow.” Catherine quickly took his hand and added, “I was thinking about Suzie and Lucas.”

Shaun looked at Suzie and Lucas before whining, “ You already have me. Why are you still thinking about them?”

Lucas frowned and Suzie suddenly burst in anger. “ You’re too much. She’s our Mommy. How could you steal our mommy from us?”

Shaun froze. No matter how stupid he was, he still knew how important a mommy and daddy were for every child.

His lips quivered, and he bit his sexy lips and suddenly cried. “I don’t have a mommy. I don’t have one…”

Catherine was completely flabbergasted.

Suzie was dumbfounded. She felt like she had done something heinous.

Just then, Lea stood out stiffly and said gently, “ Shaunny, don’t cry. I’m your mommy. This is your daddy.”

“Yeah, I’m your daddy.” Brennan was a little overwhelmed.

They were both powerful figures in the business world and were absent during Shaun’s childhood, so they did not know how to face such a childish Shaun now.

Shaun looked at them and then at Catherine’s little face, and cried even harder. “I don’t want you. My daddy and mommy… are so old.”

The “old” Brennan and Lea felt as if their hearts were stabbed by millions of arrows.

They were not that old. They were only fifty, and since they had maintained their health very well, they looked around forty at most.

Lea muttered, “We’re not old. It’s you who’s old. ”

Brennan nodded in agreement. Although the doctor said not to provoke his son, he was still a little irritated at being called old.

“I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you. ” Shaun covered his ears while exclaiming in denial. “ I’m only two years old.”

Catherine felt dizzy. In normal circumstances, she could compromise, but when it came to his parents…

“Stop crying,” she said solemnly as she tugged Shaun’s hand.

“Cathy.” Shaun stopped crying immediately when he saw her serious expression. However, he could not help but sniffle. His handsome face was wet from his tears which tugged at the heartstrings of those who saw him.

“Shaunny, listen to me,” Catherine said as she wiped his tears away. “Your daddy and mommy are determined by God. Aunty Lea is your mommy.

How can you call her old? Do you know how hard she worked to give birth to you? Also, Uncle Brennan is your daddy. Children should respect their mommy and daddy. You can’t look down on them. If you do, then you’re not a good boy.”

“I’m a good boy,” Shaun said seriously even though he was slightly flustered.

“Then you have to be nice to your daddy and mommy, ” Catherine continued.

“Oh, okay.” Shaun looked at Lea and Brennan obediently, and said softly, “Daddy, Mommy, I’m sorry.”

“ It’s okay. ” Lea’s heart almost melted as her eyes welled up. She missed out on Shaun’s childhood, so she never expected her son to treat her with such respect one day.

Brennan felt the same. However, he was a man, so no matter how much his eyes stung, he could not shed a tear.

He did not fulfill his duty as a father and missed out on Liam and Shaun’s childhoods. Now, God was giving him a chance to get along with his son again.”

It’s okay.” He waved his hand. ”Go in with cathy. I’m going to have a smoke.”

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