Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1657

Catherine held Shaun’s hand and went in, but Shaun could not help but turn back and glance at Brennan’s desolated figure. For some reason, his heart felt a little uncomfortable.

Was he overboard earlier?

Cathy lectured him that he could not judge a book by its cover. It was not Brennan’s fault that he looked old.

Upon entering the villa, Suzie stopped being jealous and remembered what Catherine said earlier that she had to regard Daddy as a good friend.

“Shaunny, both Lucas and I have a toy house. Do you want to play together?” Suzie took the initiative to invite him.

Shaun was tempted but could not help but look back at Catherine.

He wanted to play and stay with Cathy at the same time.

“Go ahead. I just got home, so I need to take a shower and change,” Catherine said gently. She had stayed in the hospital for several days and it felt uncomfortable now.

“Oh, okay.” Shaun was slightly disappointed.

“Come on, don’t keep clinging to Mommy. We can play by ourselves. ” Suzie dragged him into the toy room.

The toy room was huge and had many pink dolls and various small pieces of Lego.

“Let’s play house.” Suzie said as she felt that she finally found a playmate. In the past, neither Lucas nor her grandmother liked to play house with her, and it was boring for her to play alone.

This time, she took out all her pots and pans. “ I’ll teach you how to play…”

Shaun ignored her and picked up the Lego blocks on the ground curiously.

“Oh, that belongs to Lucas. Don’ t touch it. If you lose a piece, he’ll throw a tantrum again, ” Suzie shouted. “Also, that’s too difficult. It’s not something that humans can complete.”

Lucas glared at her impassively. “Am I not a human?”

Suzie stuck her tongue out at him. “You played with this Lego for a week but you still couldn’t complete it. Grandma said that only those 18 and above can play with it, but you didn’t believe her and insisted on buying it. What a waste of money.”

Lucas’s eyebrows furrowed tightly at her words and showed a little stubbornness. “I wanna play it. I’ll finish it soon. Hey, don’t mess with my blocks.”

However, Shaun seemed to not hear him and even opened up the guidebook on the table.

“Why are you reading it so seriously? You won’t understand it. You can’t even read.” Suzie sighed. “I f only the previous Daddy was here. His IQ would still be okay. It’ll be a piece of cake for him to play with this stuff, but you? Your IQ is lower than mine.”

“It’s easy. ” Shaun looked at it for a moment and suddenly looked up.

“Easy?” Lucas felt like he heard a joke. “It is quite easy.”

“Yeah, it’s easy.” Shaun did not pick up the sarcasm in Lucas’s voice and fiddled carefully with the pieces on the ground. Before anything else, he classified them.

Lucas and Suzie did not believe him at first, but when they saw him successfully assemble a chassis of a car, they were dumbfounded.

In less than forty minutes, Shaun assembled a cool military green Lamborghini.

“Look. It’s easy. ” Shaun pressed the door button, and the sports car’s door opened.

Lucas was stunned and Suzie was dumbfounded.

Was he not supposed to have the IQ of a two-year- old?

How could he assemble it so quickly and perfectly?

It was simply a fatal blow to them who were only three-year-olds. It was too shocking.

Just then, Catherine entered the room after her shower. She wore pink loose lounge clothes and her hair draped over her shoulders after being blow- dried. Her casual appearance made her seem more feminine, and although without makeup, her skin was still fair and her face was bright and radiant.

Her body had a lingering scent of her shower gel.

Suzie and Lucas were used to this fragrance because this was Catherine’s usual shower gel at home.

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