Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1659

“I’ll go with you,” Hadley said immediately. “But if Rebecca really is dead, then what about her shares? Will they fall into the hands of Jeffery and his wife?”

Catherine’s chest tightened. Hadley’s words served as a reminder.

“What’s the current situation at Hill Corporation? According to Shaun, Rebecca brought in her own people to take over Hill Corporation and even fired many of the company’s senior executives?”

“Yes, Rebecca hired a team herself. The person in charge is someone called Wade. The rest of them took over other important positions of GM and managers of various departments.” Hadley had a headache. “I looked into it and discovered that Wesley and Wade are close.”

“So Wade is one of Wesley’s men,” Catherine said as she was struck with an understanding.

“Yes. That, in fact, made sense. As ruthless as she was, Rebecca wasn’t particularly skilled and capable of dealing with the business side of things. When it comes to her connections, Wesley was the only one

she knew outside the Costner family. She must know, however, that when two dogs aim for a bone, it’s the third dog that gets it. Wesley must have gone to look for Jeffery and Sally when he returned to Melbourne suddenly.”

“Yes, Rebecca probably had the impression that her relationship with Wesley was one where they exploited each other, but she was wrong. She was only but a tool to Wesley. ” Catherine sighed. “In the end, she underestimated Wesley’s brutality and viciousness.”

Wesley’s cruelty seemed to have no bounds.

Hadley smiled wryly. “If that’s the case, Hill Corporation fell into Wesley’s laps following his elaborate scheme. Wesley’s Golden Corporation is already at its pinnacle. If he were to control Hill Corporation by pulling the strings from behind the scene with Jeffery as a puppet, then he’ll be at the top. Who else then, would be able to compete with him in the future?”

Catherine also understood why Gavin Mead would help Wesley.

“I won’t let Wesley succeed.” She gritted her teeth coldly.

Hadley smiled bitterly. “What can you do? It might be possible if Young Master Hill was fine, but he currently has the IQ of a two-year-old… The both of you aren’t married either, so you have no right to interfere. Besides… Wesley and you are still technically husband and wife… If you step in, others might retaliate and accuse you of colluding with Wesley to annex Hill Corporation.”

Catherine thought about Lea, who was still a shareholder.

Lea might possess a strong business acumen but she was no match for Wesley’s malice and guile.

“I’ll train Shaun back to how he once was as soon as possible. I’ve discovered that he’s actually not stupid, so it’s not like this problem is hopeless. As long as we kick Wade away and prevent Jeffery from entering the company, Wesley’s plan won’t work.”

Catherine mused, “Rebecca bought Hill Corporation with the money that Sheryl gave her, so Sheryl is qualified to reclaim her shares. It won’t fall into Jeffery’s hand.”

“But Sheryl and Jeffery are siblings. Will she do it?”

“…We’ll cross the bridge when we get there.” Catherine sighed.

Now, she only hoped that Titus could quickly cure Sheryl’s illness.

Aunty Yasmine was done cooking when Hadley left.

Old Madam and Old Master Hill were not pleased when they saw Shaun’s silly expression.

“Mom, Dad, don’t worry. Shaun will get better.” Lea comforted the two elders. “And… This is quite good too. Shaun’s childhood had always been miserable. Now that he has returned to his younger self, he gave us parents a chance to redeem ourselves. We’ ll give him a happy childhood this time.”

Old Master Hill snorted. “What rubbish are you spouting? A perfectly good man was reduced to this. The rest of the world will laugh at him. Besides, do you really think he needs you to give him a childhood? Do you think he relies on you as a mother?”

Lea was embarrassed.

It was obvious that Shaun had been clinging to Catherine since they sat at the table. Yet, he refused to talk to her and every cell in his body seemed to say ‘I’m not happy. Hurry up and coax me’.

Old Madam Hill’s heart softened when she saw him. “Shaun wasn’t this cute when he was young.”

“Come, Shaun. Have this drumstick. You have to eat more to be healthy, ” she said as she handed him a drumstick.

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