Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1661

n the toy room.

Shaun stared at the door with a dazed expression while fidgeting with his favorite building block in his hand.

However, he was not in the mood to play with it at all. Depressed, he was wondering when Catherine would come and cheer him up.

If she did not cheer him up, he would not be in the mood to play with toys, watch cartoons, or eat.

Amid his thoughts, he suddenly heard familiar footsteps.

Upon hearing the footsteps, he knew it was Catherine.

Shaun promptly drooped his head and pretended to be seriously playing with the building blocks. He acted as though he could not be bothered about her.

No one knew that his heart was racing madly when the footsteps stopped at the door.

Why was he feeling like this? Was he sick?

“You enjoy playing with building blocks, huh?” Catherine squatted beside him with a grin on her exquisite face. “Let’s go to the mall tomorrow to buy more building blocks, alright?”

“No.” Shaun rejected her outright and even looked away like a softie.

“Are you still angry? How petty of you.” Feeling amused, Catherine cupped his face with her elbows on his knees. “Do you know why I glared at you this morning?”

“ I don’ t know, and I don’ t want to know either.” Shaun snorted, but he could not help but look sideways at her.

It amused Catherine so much to see his behavior contrast his words, but she tried to suppress her laughter. She approached him and said, “I know you wanted me to kiss you on the lips and not on the forehead, but Suzie and Lucas were around. I was embarrassed…”

“What’s embarrassing?” Shaun could not figure it out.

“Kissing is something that we can only do when no one else is around. I don’t want anyone else to see it. This is a private matter. You don’t see anyone kissing in public, do you?”

“People do that on TV, ” Shaun immediately answered, “I saw it on TV this morning.”

Catherine was speechless.

Her head ached. What the hell did he watch with Suzie and Lucas? Why was he precocious now? By the look of things, she needed to educate Suzie and Lucas.

“The shows on TV are different.” Catherine’s head hurt as she did not know how to explain to him. “ Anyway, that’s that. If you’re not happy with it, I won’t kiss you anymore.”

Upon hearing her menacing tone, Shaun was frightened. He clutched her hand and said in a domineering tone, “No way.”

With that, Catherine said gently, “ Suzie and Lucas are my kids, but you’re different. As I said, you’re my lover. Not only will we kiss, but we’ll also have lots of… other intimate acts. We can’t act intimately in front of others. It’s a matter of privacy.”

Her words left Shaun feeling perplexed. Nevertheless, he understood the sentence ‘you’re my lover’.

Deep down, he was delighted. “But who do you love most? Sister Suzie, Brother Lucas, or me?”

“My love for them is different. You’ll understand it in the future.” Catherine looked grave. “Don’t address them as ‘Sister Suzie’ and ‘Brother Lucas’ anymore. Just call them by their names.”

“Oh.” Shaun pouted. “I got it. I’m not your only love.”

“No, you’re my only love.” At the sight of his disappointed face, Catherine glanced at the door before she moved closer to him and kissed his exquisite, thin lips.

Shaun was stunned. After coming back to his senses, he returned Catherine’s sweet kiss just like what she did to him just now.

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