Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1662

Shaun was a bit clumsy when kissing Catherine. However, he soon took an active role and no longer remained a passive kisser.

His kiss made Catherine blush and melt. She could not help but sigh deep down. This man was still the same.

After kissing her a few times, he soon got the hang of it. He had started to kiss her in a domineering manner as well.

However, they were in the playroom, after all. As there were many people outside, she dared not indulge herself in the kiss for too long.

She promptly pushed him away and said while panting, “Stop. If someone barges in, we’ll be in trouble.”

“Oh.” Gazing at her pretty face, Shaun could not help but gulp. “Cathy, you’re so pretty.”

Catherine felt as though her heart was dripping with honey. She lowered her head and poked his chest with a slender finger. “Remember that I’m forever the prettiest person in your heart.”

“Mm. ” Shaun felt as though something had filled his heart. He could never get enough of this woman. He wished he could be with her all the time.

“Alright. Since you’re not angry anymore, go and eat some rice. Otherwise, you’ll feel hungry.” Given that Catherine had already asked him, Shaun could not reject her.

Anyway, he was not full. Only after he finished a bowl of rice did Catherine bring him, Lucas, and Suzie upstairs to take a nap.

After Catherine finally put the three of them to sleep, she got changed and headed downstairs. Hadley came to pick her up, and they headed to the funeral parlor.

Hadley asked the person in charge of the parlor for directions before they walked over.

As soon as they arrived at the door, they heard Sally and Jeffery weeping inside.

“Rebecca, how miserable that you lost your life just like that. How pathetic! ” Rebecca was her only daughter, and Sally wept bitterly. She used to hate Rebecca for running away and leaving her and Jeffery in jail. Even so, Rebecca still got them out of jail and allowed them to live luxurious lives.

Jeffery was smoking at one side. His reddened eyes were filled with hatred.

His daughter was gone just like that.

“Why are they here? Hadley was shocked. “Are we still going to enter?”

Catherine narrowed her eyes. Before she could speak, Jeffery spotted her.

“Catherine Jones, how dare you come here?! ” Jeffery’s blood was boiling from rage at the sight of her.

He strode toward her and was about to hit her. However, Hadley was quick enough to block Catherine.

Jeffery stopped walking at once. After all, he was no match for the young and tall Hadley, considering that he was in his 5os and had been in jail for a long time.

Unlike Jeffery, Sally had lost her sanity. She did not care that she was no match for Hadley. She dashed toward Catherine like a madwoman in an attempt to hit and bite her.

“Catherine Jones, you’ll be cursed with a horrible death! The biggest regret in my life is that I didn’t drown you to death when you were young, you brute!”

“Let go of me.” After Sally scratched him a few times, Hadley pushed her away impatiently.

Sally got up and intended to fight him again, but Catherine pushed Hadley away. She walked up to Sally and slapped each side of her cheeks.

Sally’s face instantly swelled up as her head buzzed.

Initially, Sally wished to kill Catherine so badly. However, it frightened her when she met Catherine’s icy eyes.

Afraid that Catherine would slap her again, Sally stopped moving forward. Nevertheless, she continued to criticize, “ I’ve put so much effort in raising you. How dare you slap me? Karma will get back at you.”

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