Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1663


Catherine scoffed. “If karma were to get back at someone, it should come for the two of you first. You killed your own mother. You then falsified the issue as you didn’t dare acknowledge your biological daughter for the sake of personal gain and wealth. It seems like you both didn’t learn from your mistakes when you were in jail. Instead, you both grew bolder.”

Jeffery turned crimson. Although Catherine’s words were humiliating… he had gone too far to turn back now.

“Enough. Stop bullsh*tting. What do you mean when you said I didn’t dare acknowledge my biological daughter? You’re my biological daughter. Also, I didn’t kill my mother. Look, the police have released us.”

Catherine shifted her eyes to him in frustration. “ When I visited you in jail before this, I thought you were remorseful for what you did. I didn’t expect— ”

“We’re telling the truth, ” Sally interrupted her in agitation and burst into tears. “You’re so heartless! We’re your biological parents, yet you don’t acknowledge us. Yes, we’re not as rich as Sheryl and Joel, but you shouldn’t deny your relationship with us for the sake of wealth. What’s worse, you killed your cousin! How vicious of you.”

“Really? I didn’t know that the two of you are my biological parents.”

Catherine said tauntingly, “But why did you both claim that Rebecca was your daughter in Melbourne three years ago? You both even forced me to leave my boyfriend so that Rebecca could have him.

Although I had worked hard in Summit for so many years, you drove me out and even locked me in a dark house where you fed me stale food and let me starve. I had to suffer from the cold. You both treated me really well, huh?”

Stung by her mockery, Sally choked. However, Jeffery said shamelessly, “We did it because you refused to listen to us. We just wanted to nurture you well.”

Upon hearing their words, Catherine was speechless and so was Hadley.

Indeed, Jeffery and Sally proved to be Rebecca’s parents.

“In that case, let’s have a DNA test.” Catherine raised her brows. “If the two of you turn out to be my biological parents, I’ll certainly respect and care for you both in the future.”

“Get lost. Everyone knows that you have broad connections in Canberra. It won’t be surprising if you get people to tamper with the test results!” Sally shouted.


Catherine nodded seriously. “Dad, Mom, since you both are my biological parents, you should stop looking down on me. By the way, since Rebecca is dead, unmarried, and childless, her shares in Hill Corporation will probably go to both of you. But both of you are already so old now and have no idea how to manage the shares. Since I’m your only daughter, I’ll help you manage Hill Corporation and be filial to you both.”

She changed her words so quickly that the two of them and even Hadley were stunned.

After coming to her senses, Sally told Catherine off, “Dream on! That’s what Rebecca left for us. It has nothing to do with you.”

“Dad, Mom, you’re going too far. Am I not your only biological daughter?” Catherine showed an innocent look.

“Rebecca has been wandering outside since young and she’s not your biological daughter. The three of us should be united as a family.”

“Dream on!”

Sally found those words disgusting.

Of course, Catherine was not her biological daughter, but Sally could not state it explicitly. If Catherine was recording their conversation and used the recording to provoke Sheryl, she would be in trouble.

Catherine was unpredictable.

“Dad, Mom, you’re too cruel to me. I really doubt whether I’m your biological daughter. ” A sarcastic look washed over Catherine’s face.

“Of course, you are.” Jeffery sneered. “But we definitely won’t give you anything that belongs to Rebecca.” “Since the two of you are insistent that I’m your biological daughter but are cursing me to die horribly, I’ve decided to respect you both so that I can be a filial daughter. ” Catherine sighed. “Don’t worry, as your biological daughter, I’ll manage Hill Corporation well on behalf of you both.”

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