Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1664

Once Catherine finished speaking, she drew her phone out from her pocket and ended the recording in front of them. With a grin, she said, “Don’t worry, I have this as proof now. If the two of you pass away, I’ll sort out the affairs regarding your passing. If Rebecca’s shares are transferred to you both, I’ll also manage Hill Corporation well.”

An eerie silence descended on the parlor for some time. Jeffery and Sally’s faces contorted with rage.

“Over my dead body, Catherine Jones!” Sally lost her temper. She felt as though she had shot herself in the foot. “If anything happens to us, it’ll be your fault.”

“Don’t take me for an evil person, okay?”

Catherine shrugged innocently. “Now that I’m here, I’ll go and visit Rebecca. After all, we’re sisters. I didn’t know she’d die so early. What a blessing.”

Hadley was at a loss for words.

He wondered if his ears were deceiving him.

“Shut… your mouth…” Unable to tolerate Catherine’s behavior, Jeffery tried to slap her on the face.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Catherine grabbed hold of his wrist.

However, Jeffery could not break free from her grasp even after some time.

Catherine sighed. “I’m just stating the facts. Rebecca did so many terrible deeds in her life. We don’t know how many men she slept with and how many people she hurt and deceived. It’s great that she died just like that. I thought she’d be savagely tortured before she was dead. She was close to spending over ten years living a miserable life in jail only to end up killing herself. In this case, am I wrong to say that she was blessed?”

“You’re the one who did so many terrible deeds! Don’t think that we don’t know that you instructed someone to push Rebecca down. ” Sally ran up to her with a ferocious look.

Hadley blocked Sally to keep her from approaching Catherine.

After letting go of Jeffery, Catherine walked to the corpse and lifted the cloth right away.

“Stop it.” Jeffery and Sally’s eyes reddened. Watching their only daughter be humiliated after her death made them anxious.

“Calm down, I won’t destroy her corpse. I just want to check if it’s Rebecca, lest she’s faking her death like what she did back then.”

Catherine wore a pair of gloves and forcefully pinched Rebecca’s face to make sure it was not a mask. After that, she checked her injuries and saw that the back of her head was indeed broken. It was the funeral worker who stitched her head.

Catherine was convinced that Rebecca had really died now.

However, as she said, it was a blessing that Rebecca died this way.

After Catherine finished checking the corpse, she took off the gloves and tossed them onto Sally’s face. A radiant smile spread across her face. “Mom, she’s really dead. Both of you should accompany her. I’m not going to bother you both further.”

“Go… Go to hell! Just wait. We’ll take revenge against you on Rebecca’s behalf.” Sally went mad. She wished she could kill catherine there and then. Unfortunately, Hadley was still blocking her.

“Mom, is it necessary to go that far? I’m your biological daughter but Rebecca isn’t. Why are you mad because of someone insignificant?” Catherine grinned and acted as though she was forgiving. “ Hadley, please stay here and accompany my parents. Bring them to the apartment under my name after the funeral and serve them well.”

With that, she left elegantly.

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