Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1665

As Hadley watched Catherine leave, his eyes were full of admiration for her.

Jeffery and Sally could go ahead and take the shares of Hill Corporation that Rebecca owned.

Since they claimed that Catherine was their biological daughter, there was nothing wrong if she were to manage Hill Corporation on their behalf.

“She can dream on! Hill Corporation is ours! She can’t have it! Go away!” Sally was so exasperated that her chest nearly ached. She shot a disapproving look at Hadley.

Hadley clicked his tongue and could not be bothered to argue with her.

Some people would never understand what shame was.

Hill Corporation was theirs?

How shameless of her to say that. If Rebecca had not impersonated Sheryl’s daughter and acquired Hill Corporation by force, Hill Corporation would have made a breakthrough in another industry under Shaun’s leadership by now.

A few years ago, Jeffery and Sally were so insignificant that destroying them was just as easy a s squashing an ant.

Apparently, almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry could clamor for anything.

“I’m sorry but I can’t go away. Given that the two of you are Miss Jones’ parents, I have to protect you both,” Hadley replied with a smile like Catherine did. After he finished speaking, he stood at the door of the parlor and waited for them.

Sally was dissatisfied. Jeffery then dragged her over. “It’s alright. Let’s quickly settle this for Rebecca.”

“How can we settle it? Sheryl isn’t here.” Sally stomped her feet. “We should let her see how miserable her daughter is and ask her to take revenge.”

“She’s not contactable by phone, probably because Titus is keeping an eye on her. Who knows when we can reach her? We can’t possibly leave Rebecca’s corpse here. What if it stinks…” With red eyes, Jeffery could not bring himself to continue.

Sally’s eyes reddened, but thinking of Wesley’s plan that would benefit her, she gnashed her teeth. “ Let’s preserve it first. Only when Sheryl sees Rebecca’s body will she be triggered. When that happens, Sheryl and Catherine will cut each other’s throats, whereas we can sit back and have Hill Corporation all to ourselves.”

“ Sit back?” Jeffery disagreed with her. “Wesley is eyeing Hill Corporation as well. We’re just his puppets.”

“So what if he treats us like a puppet? Now that Rebecca is gone, everything will come to us. As Wesley said, he’ll do the work and we’ll receive billions of dollars from him every year without having to care about anything. That amount is merely a drop in the bucket to him, but it’s more than sufficient for us to live our lives. I’ve never had so much money in my life.”

Sally persuaded him, saying, “What’s more, we can’t turn back now. If it’s exposed that Rebecca was impersonating Catherine, Titus won’t let us off the hook. Catherine won’t either.”

Jeffery was convinced and changed his mind. With a sigh, he nodded. From the moment he promised Wesley and Rebecca to deceive Titus and Sheryl, he could not turn back anymore.

He was left with no choice. Who would want to be jailed forever? Now that he was old, going to jail would be torture.

“Alright, then. I’ll let the person in charge of the parlor know about it.”

Jeffery nodded. Just as he arrived at the door, more than ten people barged in all of a sudden. These fierce people were wearing face masks and holding batons.

Jeffery’s legs turned to jelly.

Those people shoved him to the ground and even stepped on his body to enter the hall. Then, they smashed everything in the hall.

“What are you guys doing?” Seeing these people lift the cloth to toss Rebecca’s corpse, Sally anxiously went forward to stop them.

“Get lost.” A man pushed Sally roughly to the floor and kicked her in the chest.

“Help! It hurts so badly! ” The pain caused Sally’s tears to flow down. Without a moment’s hesitation, she asked Hadley for help. “Didn’t Catherine ask you to protect us? Hurry up and save us.”

Hadley was stunned by the incident that happened so abruptly.

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