Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1666

Was it Catherine who got these people to come here?

It did not seem to be her doing. No matter how much she hated Rebecca, Catherine would not stoop so low as to disrespect her dead body.

Hadley was still glad to witness this incident and was not bothered about who would end up being killed. Nevertheless, he felt the need to act as though he was trying to save the situation.

“Hey, who are you guys? This parlor isn’t a place for you guys to mess around. I’ve already called the police,” Hadley said menacingly as he walked in. He covered his face with his hands while acting fearless. However, he was not planning to get involved at all.

“Get lost. Don’t be a busybody.” A few tall men blocked him.

At that moment, Hadley did not dare move forward anymore.

After smashing things for a few minutes, those people left arrogantly.

They had tossed Rebecca’s corpse directly at Sally. The wound on the back of her head that had been stitched split apart once more.

The sight of it made Hadley’s blood curdle.

Before he could scream, Sally screamed in terror first despite being Rebecca’s mother. After she was pushed to the floor, her tailbone broke, which explained why she struggled for a long time to get up. Amid her tears, she could only howl. “H-Hurry up and take her corpse away. It’s creepy.”

Jeffery was not doing any better. Having been in jail for several years, he had become much feebler.

When he was shoved to the floor and stepped on, he almost could not breathe. At this moment, he could only wait for the ambulance to come.

Looking at Jeffery and Sally, Hadley felt speechless. They were really two of a kind.

Meanwhile, Catherine received a call from Hadley right after she parked her car at the manor.

“Miss Jones, some people barged into the hall and smashed everything inside just now. Even Rebecca’s corpse has been ruined. Jeffery and Sally

got a fright and they suffered minor injuries. I called an ambulance and they’ve been sent to the hospital.”

Catherine gasped and asked, “Who did it?”

Hadley coughed before he asked with a low voice, “ Wasn’t it your doing?”

“How could I possibly have done such a thing? I did have an urge to do it, though, ” Catherine said honestly, “It seems that Rebecca had offended

quite a lot of people when she was alive.”

“Judging from her family’s attitude, they’ve surely offended a lot of people.” Hadley scoffed. “But on their way to the hospital, Jeffery and Sally kept criticizing you and claimed that it was your doing. I’m guessing the police will call you for interrogation.”

“Let them criticize all they want. Anyway, I have a clear conscience. The police won’t be able to charge me.”

After Catherine finished speaking, she paused for a moment. “Having said that, I need to visit them in the hospital to express my concern for them.”

Hadley was at a loss for words.

‘Have you gotten too carried away in your role as a loving daughter?’

“Wait there. I’ll come over once I settle their medical fees. ” After hanging up, Catherine started the car. Suddenly, she saw a silhouette dashing toward her.

A sense of unease instantly overwhelmed her.

Nevertheless, she lowered the window and smiled a t Shaun.

“Cathy, you’re back.” Shaun gazed at her in an aggrieved manner. “You’re such a liar. When I woke up, you weren’t around. I’m sad that you always leave me behind.”

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