Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1667

Looking at Shaun’s handsome face, Catherine was too hesitant to tell him that she was about to go out again.

“Come down and play with me.” Shaun extended his hand to pull her through the window.

“Uh… Shaunny, I just received a call and I have to go out again, ” Catherine said reluctantly, “ It’s quite important.”

Against all her expectations, Shaun did not kick up a fuss. He just blinked his eyes in despair. “More important than me?”

His voice was hoarse, and his eyes were red. It felt as though he would be in tears if Catherine said yes.

Speechless, Catherine replied with a gentle tone, “Of course, you’re more important, but I can’t stay by your side all the time. Look, there are so many people in our family. I need to make money to support our family and also buy sweets for you.”

“You can ask for money from my mommy. She gave

birth to me, so it’s right to spend her money. I don’t want to spend your money,” Shaun said seriously after some thought.

Deep down, Catherine took pity on Lea. Feeling amused, she responded, “But I need to make money to pay for Lucas and Suzie’s school fees.”

“You can ask their daddy to pay. ” Shaun snorted. “ Why must you shoulder the burden alone?”

Catherine choked.

‘Dude, you’re Suzie and Lucas’s daddy.’

Speaking of this, how did he learn that parents had to share their responsibilities together when she had only been away for a while?

“Where did you learn this from?” Catherine was baffled as she remembered that she did not teach him this.

“I learned it from the TV when I watched it with Granny just now.”

Catherine rubbed her forehead.

Old Madam Hill was watching those campy family dramas that had no substance again. She first led Suzie astray, and now, Shaun was affected as well.

“Their daddy… was injured due to an issue, so he can’t share the burden, ” Catherine explained tactfully.

Shaun blinked and gazed at her for a while before he said softly, “Cathy, you’re really pathetic. You married such a terrible husband.”

Catherine was speechless.

‘I really hope you’ll still remember what you just said when your memory is restored.’

“Anyway, I need to make money even if it isn’t for the kids. Women need to spend money on personal care products, clothes, and many other things,” Catherine said, “Don’t tell your mom to give me money. It’s okay for her to support you, but it’s unreasonable for her to support me because we’re not related by blood.”

Her words left Shaun feeling stunned. “Then… Let me support you, but I don’t know how to make money. Well, I can tag along and learn how to make money like you.”

Once he finished speaking, he opened the car door and got in. “Bring me along. From today onward, I want to learn how to make money and support you.”

Catherine was touched, but she felt like crying at the same time.

She was not going to work. She was going to look for Jeffery and Sally to add insult to injury.

Since Shaun had gotten in the car, she could not bring herself to kick him out. Hence, she said, “ Later, you have to follow what I say, okay?”

“Mm. I’ll listen to you.” Shaun placed his hands on his lap, acting like a good kid.

A smile crossed Catherine’s face. She approached him to put on the safety belt for him.

When the scent of her hair happened to waft past the tip of his nose, his heart raced madly.

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