Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1668

When Shaun lowered his head, Catherine retreated a little with her profile facing him. There were two strands of curly hair framing her fair cheeks, and he had a clear view of her elegantly thin neck as well.

All of a sudden, he found his mouth slightly dry. He was tempted to bury his head in her neck and kiss it.

“I’ve fastened it. ” Catherine looked up out of the blue.

When their eyes met, his gaze was burning fiercely.

Catherine was stunned for a moment before she poked his thin lips amusedly. “Tell me, what were you thinking just now?”

Upset, Shaun bit his lip. He was rather embarrassed, but he answered her honestly, “I wanted to kiss your neck.”

Catherine’s face instantly turned crimson as she did not expect him to be so frank.

“Why did you have such a thought? I was just

fastening the seat belt for you, yet you started to overthink it.” She stared at him with coquettish eyes, which made his heart tickle.

Shaun gulped and fixed his eyes on her.

Catherine rubbed her head. “I’m in a rush now. I’ll accompany you tonight.”

“Oh.” Shaun was confused even though he was unsure of what she actually meant by ‘accompany’. Anyway, he was glad that she would accompany him.

40 minutes later, the car arrived at the car park of the hospital.

Catherine brought Shaun to take the elevator while holding his hand. When she arrived at the ward that Hadley had told her, she happened to spot a few police officers inside.

Sally was accusing Catherine amid her tears. “It must be Catherine, that wicked woman, who did it. No one would do such a thing except her. She hates us. She said that once we’re dead, our assets will be hers.”

“Yeah. It’s her doing. Go and investigate it right now. She must have hired people to do it.” Jeffery went along with what Sally said.

As soon as he finished speaking, Catherine dashed in with reddened eyes.

“Dad, Mom, are you both okay? I got a fright when I learned that something happened to you both.” Catherine looked extremely anxious.

The police officers were stunned. Sally was so exasperated that she wanted to sit up. Nevertheless, the second she moved, her tailbone hurt very badly. “Catherine Jones, how dare you come?! Officer, it was her doing. Hurry up and arrest her! ”

The police officers were baffled. “ I heard her call you ‘Dad’ and ‘Mom’.”

“I… I don’t acknowledge her as my daughter.” Sally nearly let out that Catherine was not her daughter.

“Dad, Mom, it’s good that both of you are fine.” Catherine sighed gloomily before she turned around and said to a police officer, “Officer, please find out who hurt my parents. Seeing the state they’re in now really breaks my heart.”

The police officer’s mouth twitched. “But they’re claiming that you did this.”

“Me?” Catherine was dumbfounded. “They’re my biological parents. How could I possibly have done such a crazy thing?”

“You’re crazy! ” Sally roared.

“My parents have always disliked me.” A glum look washed over Catherine’s pretty face. “They dislike the fact that I’m a girl. They kicked me out of the family long ago. When I paid my respects to my cousin today, they chased me out of the funeral parlor. The person who called the police is my assistant. I asked him to wait for my parents in the parlor and send them home afterward. Who knew they would encounter that kind of incident?”

Hadley immediately said, “Yes. She asked me to stay there. I wanted to help out, but there were too many people.”

The police officer knew Hadley. After watching the video of the scene, the police officer was convinced.

“In this modern era, both of you still have such outdated attitudes, huh?” The police officer glared at Jeffery and Sally.

Sally was livid. “No, we don’t. Clearly, it’s…”

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