Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1669

“By the way, officer, my cousin offended quite a lot of people previously…” Catherine interrupted Sally. Then, she bit her tongue before she continued.

Sally was filled with resentment. “The cruelest person she ever offended is you.”

“Mom…” Catherine’s eyes were red. “Am I your biological daughter or is it Rebecca? Dad and you were injured when you mourned for Rebecca in the hall, so I just want to find out who attacked you. But why do you keep turning against me?”

“How can you compare yourself to Rebecca?

Rebecca got your dad and me out of jail, yet you were the one who sent us to jail, ” Sally responded in a huff.

Catherine said righteously, “Would I have done so if you both hadn’t killed Granny? Granny had treated me well since I was young. Between justice and kinship, I had no choice but to pick the former.”

“They killed your granny?” The police officer’s eyes became sharp. Her granny was her injured father’s biological mother, was she not?

Since he could sink so low as to kill his own mother, was he even human?

The police officer’s eyes became hostile when he looked at Jeffery.

“I didn’t.” Jeffery denied it anxiously. “Someone framed me.”

“Fine, keep on saying that. Anyway, that case was settled three years ago. I have no idea how Rebecca got both of you out. It doesn’t matter as long as you both have a clear conscience.” A forced smile flashed across Catherine’s face.

“Enough.” The police officer pulled a long face, refusing to listen anymore. “I’ll investigate the incident that took place at the parlor, but I might not be able to track down the mastermind behind it.”

The police officer’s indifference made Sally’s blood boil. “As a police officer, you’re responsible for the investigation. What do you mean you might not be able to track down the mastermind? You have to find out who did it. We can’t be injured for nothing.”

“We’re police officers, but it doesn’t mean we can solve every case. We have hundreds of old cases piling up in the police station every year.” The police officer left once he was done speaking.

Facing a woman who could bring herself to kill her mother-in-law, he was sorely tempted to slap her.

“Stop right there…” Seeing the police leave just like that, Sally furiously grabbed the cup on the table to hurl it at Catherine. “Brute… Ouch, it hurts… It hurts.”

Soon after she hurled the cup, her waist hurt so badly that she fell onto the bed.

“What are you doing?” Upon noticing that the cup almost hit Catherine, Shaun went in front of Catherine in exasperation and glowered at that damn woman.

He was tall and sturdy. When he lost his temper, there was a brooding look in his eyes.

Sally was so frightened that her heart clenched. “ What… What are you planning to do? There are surveillance cameras in the hospital!”

“Mom, I’m not planning to do anything to you. ” Catherine held Shaun’s hand. With a smile, she said, “Don’t worry, if I receive any news from the police, I’ll inform both of you right away.”

“Don’t trouble yourself. I’ll handle their affairs.”

A familiar, gentle voice rang behind Catherine all of a sudden.

However, the voice made Catherine’s blood curdle a s though a snake was gliding across her body.

She turned around, only to meet Wesley’s smiling eyes.

“Wifey, you’re here to visit Dad and Mom as well.”

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