Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1670

Catherine shuddered and had goosebumps.

Shaun knitted his dark eyebrows at the man in front of him who was slightly shorter than him. The man was dressed in a black suit and was quite good- looking. However, he subconsciously disliked him.

Shaun found the man particularly loathsome especially when he addressed Catherine as ‘Wifey’.

“Cathy, who is he?” Shaun asked in a childish manner while tugging on Catherine’s hand.

After Wesley glanced at Shaun’s childish eyes, his elegant face flashed with disdain. “I’m her husband.”

Shaun blinked his eyes. “What’s a husband?”

Wesley cackled, and he was clearly taunting Shaun with his gaze. “I heard that you’ve become a fool. Now that I’ve seen you, I’m convinced.”

“Who’s become a fool? You’re the fool. ” No matter how stupid Shaun was, he knew that Wesley’s remark was awful, so he jeered at him furiously. “ You ugly man.”

After pausing for a moment, he recalled the sentence that he heard on TV this afternoon. He added, “Ugly people always trouble others.”


Catherine could not suppress her laughter. She was disgusted by Wesley’s words at first, but now, the feeling had mostly vanished thanks to Shaun.

“ Shaunny, he’s not only ugly but also wicked. He always tries to snatch other people’s things by using devious means. He works hard, but it’s only because he wants to please big shots and plot against others. He has evil intentions.”

Catherine held Shaun’s arm while ridiculing Wesley.

Shaun nodded seriously. “I know. He’s a bad guy, right?”

Wesley’s expression turned grim. However, at the sight of Shaun’s silly look, he scoffed. “Cathy, are you really planning to take care of this person forever? I wonder if he takes you for his mom or aunt?”

“Whatever he takes me for, I still find it better than being with you. Wesley Lyons, you can go on behaving haughtily, but let me remind you that you’re taking your life in your hands now. Don’t think that you can do as you please just because you have Gavin defending you. Your deeds will be exposed sooner or later.”

Catherine glanced sideways at Jeffery and Sally, who were behind her. “Also, you were the one who killed Rebecca, right? But you probably told them something to tear us apart and make them assume that I did it. When Rebecca’s shares in Hill Corporation are transferred to them, you’ll get to control them and Hill Corporation will end up belonging to you. What a brilliant plan you have.”

“Rebecca has always been with Titus. With the executive council keeping an eye on her, how could I have possibly killed her?” Wesley expressed a righteous look. “But as for you, Freya is your friend and you’re quite close to Rodney. Killing Rebecca would be as easy as squashing an insect for you.

You’ve long hated her and hoped for her to die. Now that Rebecca is dead, I believe you’re going to deal with Jeffery and Sally next. You were the one who instructed those thugs to cause trouble in the funeral parlor, right?”

His words made Jeffery and Sally’s blood curdle.

“President Lyons, you need to save us. Get someone to protect us. I’m sure she wants to kill us,” Sally said imploringly.

“Don’t worry. As your son-in-law, I’ll definitely save you both.” Wesley clapped his hands.

Subsequently, a group of people appeared at the door of the ward. “ I’ve chosen these bodyguards carefully. With them around, no one can approach you both.”

“Thank you.” Jeffery nodded before glaring at Catherine impassively, “Get lost right now.”

“Son-in-law?” Catherine laughed playfully. “ You’re really shameless. Anyway, at least I’ve figured out what your plans are. Let’s go.”

She dragged Shaun away and left.

Hadley immediately tagged along. “Miss Jones, should I continue staying here?”

“What’s the point of staying here? Wesley is here now. Don’t worry, I never planned on making you stay here for long. I knew Wesley would keep Jeffery and Sally from taking my side. ” Catherine looked calm.

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