Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1671

“But you…”

“I just wanted to annoy them and confront Wesley,” Catherine explained, “I had to figure out Wesley’s motive. As you saw just now, he called himself their son-in-law. He’s probably not planning to treat Jeffery and Sally as puppets. In my view, he wants to step into Hill Corporation using his identity as their son-in-law. Jeffery will probably be the chairman of Hill Corporation, and Wesley will then become the president or something.”

Hadley was shocked to his core. “Young Master Hill put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into Hill Corporation. But it’ll end up benefiting Wesley in the end?”

“Don’t worry. If Wesley wants to be their son-in- law, it means that I have to be Jeffery’s daughter. It’s more legitimate for me to manage Hill Corporation than him.”

Catherine snorted. This behavior was just despicable, was it not? It was because of Wesley

that she had learned to be despicable.

“By the way, head to the police station to have a look. I’m sure Wesley will investigate the matter, but I’m afraid he’ll accuse me of doing it. He might be the one who got those people to cause trouble in the funeral parlor. Perhaps he wants to frame me and worsen Jeffery and Sally’s impression of me,” Catherine ordered calmly.

After Hadley left, Catherine brought Shaun into the car.

Shaun was sulky throughout the journey. “Cathy, what does ‘husband’ mean?”

Catherine was stunned as she did not expect him to be dwelling on it.

As much as she did not feel like clarifying it to him, she considered that he would find out about it from others eventually.

After some thought, she parked the car at the roadside and said earnestly, “Shaunny, I have a complicated relationship with that man. Husband… refers to a marriage partner. It means we’re a married couple.”

“What does a married couple mean?” Shaun was confused and nervous. “ Is he more important than me?”

“No. No one is more important than you.” Catherine held his hand. “The man you saw just now used to behave very well in front of me. I thought I could count on him for the rest of my life, so I married him. After getting married to him, I realized that he had a mistress and has always been hypocritical. He’s a bad guy. Although he’s always been very nice in front of me, he’s actually so evil that he even beat me and killed someone. But we can’t find evidence to prove that he killed someone. I want to divorce him, but he keeps refusing to sign the divorce papers.”

Upon hearing her words, Shaun was muddle- headed. As he still had the mind of a kid, he could not understand anything related to marriage. He only focused on one thing. “He beat you?”

His expression became particularly grave. “How dare he beat you? Is he looking for death? Let me teach him a lesson on your behalf.”

Catherine noticed that the anger in his eyes was quite similar to how he looked when he lost his temper back then. After being dazed for a moment, she said softly, “You can teach him a lesson, but you can’t act impulsively. If you get caught, I’ll

need to save you. You have to protect yourself first.”

“Oh. I’m really useless. ” Shaun was deeply upset.

“No, I think you’re doing great.” Catherine caressed his hair encouragingly. “Shaun, although I’m married to him, our relationship exists in name only. How I wish I could send him to jail. Actually, marriage is just a formality, but it doesn’t represent my feelings. You’re the person I love, forever and always.”

He might only have the mental age of a two-year- old, but his understanding of things was gradually improving.

Catherine did not want to make herself out to be his sister or aunt. Once certain things were set, it would be hard to change his perception of things.

It was her intention to make it clear to him that she wanted to be his woman.

Shaun was stunned.

He raised his head. When he looked into her fiery eyes, he felt a burning sensation in his chest.

Although he could not grasp most of the things she had just said, he was fond of her words.


He murmured as his handsome face flushed with shame. Before he could say anything else, Catherine leaned her body over and locked her red lips with his.

Shaun’s heart was palpitating. He wrapped his hand around her waist clumsily in response to the kiss.

Watching his eyes close and his eyelashes flutter, Catherine had butterflies in her stomach.

She felt like a pervert who was bullying an ignorant kid.

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