Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1673

The attorney said helplessly, “At most, the hooligans will serve one to two years of sentence. They didn’t actually intentionally beat up Jeffery and Sally. They just ran into Jeffery and Sally and stepped on them when they fell to the floor.

They’re apologetic about it and are willing to pay compensation. They’re quite honest.”

Wesley snorted. “Indeed, she didn’t leave a trail.”

“Are you talking about Catherine?” The attorney observed Wesley’s grim expression cautiously.

“Is this how you’re supposed to address her?” Wesley glanced at him indifferently.

The attorney shuddered and instantly went quiet.

Wesley rolled down the window and pulled on the tie in front of his chest. His current status could already compare to Shaun’s previous status.

Although he had a bad reputation before this, there were people trying to butter him up now since he had risen to the top. Even those women who were previously afraid of him were ready to shamelessly throw themselves at him.

While those women were able to satisfy his physical needs, the only woman he truly loved was… still Catherine.

With her intelligence, shrewdness, forbearance, slyness, and beauty, she was the most outstanding woman he had ever met.


She would rather stay by a fool’s side than express her regret.

Wesley smiled ferociously in spite of himself.

He had made Shaun a fool, and soon, he planned on snatching Hill Corporation away.

Back then, Shaun had humiliated him with his identity as the chairman of Hill Corporation.

Hah! Wesley would slowly settle the old scores with him.

Making Shaun a fool was definitely not the end of his plan. It was just the beginning.

At night.

After dinner, Catherine sat beside the court in the manor, watching Suzie, Lucas, and Shaun play basketball.

Shortly after, Hadley came over. “I heard from the police that it was a hooligan’s doing. The hooligan was just released from jail not long ago and confessed to everything. He claimed that he did it because there was bad blood between Rebecca and him. Jeffery and Sally objected to closing the case as they insisted on having the police investigate you. Even so, the case has been closed since there’s conclusive evidence pointing to the hooligan.

Catherine was a little surprised. “The case ended so quickly. I thought Wesley would pull some strings to have the police interrogate me.”

Hadley laughed. “The police officer who came to the hospital earlier today is actually Chief Superintendent Craig’s son, who’s being trained at the grassroots. After hearing what you said, he went back to investigate Jeffery and Sally’s profiles, which led him to have an unfavorable impression of them. It’s useless even if Wesley tries to pull some strings. Chief Superintendent Craig’s son is the sort who acts impartially.”

“That’s great.” Catherine nodded. “Previously, I was slightly worried that Wesley would frame me. It seems like I was overthinking it. I’m quite curious

about who the mastermind behind today’s incident is. I wish to know the person. Perhaps I can befriend them.”

“Who knows? Rebecca has offended too many people. The moment Sheryl acknowledged her as her daughter, Rebecca started to behave arrogantly outside. Too many people hate her.”

Hadley paused for a moment before he continued, “ I just heard that Hill Corporation will be holding a general meeting the day after tomorrow, probably because Rebecca is dead. They want to elect someone to take over her role. After some investigation, I found out that Jeffery and Sally’s names are stated on Rebecca’s birth certificate. So technically… she’s still considered to be Jeffery’s daughter.”

Catherine rubbed her brows. She had expected this, which explained why Jeffery and Sally could act fearlessly.

“Cathy, why are you with him again?”

Shaun suddenly ran toward Catherine and glowered at Hadley with dissatisfaction while holding a basketball. He was wearing a blue jersey. With his crew cut, his sweaty handsome face, and childlike gaze, he looked just like a high school student.

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