Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1674

Hadley was embarrassed and did not expect Shaun to be jealous. “I’m reporting the company’s matters to Miss Jones. Miss Jones, it’s already late, so I’ll head home first.”

After seeing Hadley leave in a rush, Catherine took the towel beside her and wiped the sweat off Shaun’s face. “ Shaunny, you have to be polite to Assistant Young. He has done a lot for you and the Hills.”

“I’m not even close to him. Why is he doing so much for my sake?” Shaun found it baffling.

Catherine was at a loss for words. She said to him seriously, “Your last name is Hill. Actually, the Hills have a large company, but the company has been in crisis recently. Assistant Young is a very capable person. Many people have been trying to poach him, but he’s loyal to the Hills. He decided to stay with us and assist me. If he leaves, I’ll have a hard time.”

Her words left Shaun feeling stunned.

After half a minute, he nodded violently. With a pout, he said glumly, “I didn’t mean that, but you didn’t notice it when I shot a three-pointer just now.”

“Three-pointer?” Catherine was astonished. “ That’s amazing.”

“Yeah. I’m amazing.” Shaun looked up proudly.

“Mommy, Shaunny is amazing. ” Suzie ran toward Catherine and grumbled beside her ear, “Didn’t you say that he only has the mental age of a two-year- old? I thought I could bully him, but it turns out that he still plays basketball so well.”

Amused, Catherine poked Suzie’s head. “What a bully you are.”

“No, I’m saying that he bullies me. ” Suzie stamped her feet.

“You’re just too lousy.” Shaun glanced at Lucas gloatingly. “Brother Lucas is so-so. He told me earlier that he’d go easy, but he’s not that great. He’s just slightly better than Suzie.”

Lucas, who felt humiliated, was speechless.

‘Stop calling me ‘Brother Lucas’. It sounds sarcastic.

“I’ll stop now. I’m going to look for Uncle Logan to learn martial arts.” Lucas tossed the ball coolly before he left.

“Learn martial arts? I want to come along too.” Shaun’s eyes lit up. “Once I master martial arts, I’ll be able to protect Cathy.”

Half an hour later, Catherine sat at one side and watched Shaun punch Logan. The corners of her mouth twitched in agony.

“Damn, brother. Please stay away from me. I don’t want to teach you anymore.” Logan felt like weeping as Shaun was more skilled than him.

Shaun was more of a wrecker than a learner here.

Shaun pouted. He ran to Catherine and said, “ Cathy, he’s not that skillful as well. He’s too mediocre to teach us. You’d better not let him teach Lucas.”

Catherine was speechless.

It was not because Logan was not brilliant but because Shaun was too brilliant.

Logan felt so humiliated that his face flushed. “I’ve been to the battleground. Based on my skills, I can make it to the top zo in the world. Even Liona members are no match for me. You’re just f*cking brilliant.”

“Alright, alright. You can slowly teach Lucas.”

Seeing Shaun hold back, Catherine hurriedly dragged him away from trouble.

Lucas, who remained there, darted a glance at Logan. Logan snorted and said, “You brat, are you planning to stop learning from me? It’s fine, but you’ll have to see if Shaun can teach you.”

“ .. It’s okay. Let’s carry on.” Lucas looked as if he had surrendered to his fate.

Logan was morose that a brat had looked down on him today. In fact, many people had tried to spend a lot of money to hire a top master like him.

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