Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1675

Catherine pulled Shaun into the study.

Tonight, Shaun had surprised her over and over again.

When the doctor previously claimed that he only had the mental age of a two-year-old, she was overwhelmed with frustration.

However, she did not expect to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Indeed, he did not know many things and was even unable to recognize words.

Nevertheless, he could still apply the physical skills he had mastered back then, such as playing basketball and fighting.

“Shaunny, please sit down.”

Catherine opened the dictionary on the table. “ From today onward, I’ll help you expand your vocabulary, okay?”


Shaun nodded obediently. After he was seated, Catherine naturally sat on his lap.

This intimate posture instantly threw him into a panic.

He clumsily held her slender, soft waist. With her fragrance wafting through the air, Shaun was instantly short of breath.

Catherine flipped the dictionary open, only to notice something unusual. Her face flushed with shame.

This man’s body was functioning so well.

“Cathy, I…” Shaun bit his lip embarrassedly. “Help me.”

Catherine blushed while holding the dictionary. “ I’m here to teach you some words.”

“I’m not in the mood to learn right now.” With his dark eyes, Shaun looked at her amorously.

Catherine was at a loss for words.

After half an hour, the dictionary was tossed onto the floor.

Catherine sat on the desk with her arms wrapped around his neck. The man began to kiss her passionately.

She almost lost her breath.

He was very clumsy before this but had improved so much.

He was as domineering and enthusiastic as he used to be, and his behavior almost drowned her.

Despite his reduced IQ, his character was still the same—especially when they made out.

She was obsessed with the current Shaun. Even her body was full of desire.

Ever since he became unwell, the two of them had not done it for a long time.

With a thought crossing her mind, she could hardly suppress it anymore.


At this moment, Catherine had completely forgotten that she was here to teach him vocabulary.

She placed her hand on the collar of his T-shirt and began to unbutton it one by one. “Shaunny, let’s… ”

“Mommy, I want to take a bath.” Suzie’s loud voice abruptly sounded from outside.

Catherine suddenly regained her senses, feeling as though a bucket of cold water was poured over her head.

She immediately pushed Shaun away.

Before Shaun came to his senses, his bottom landed on the chair. His handsome face was flushed, and his collarbone was partly exposed. He looked just like an attractive and seductive man.

Catherine felt a burning sensation inside her. She swiftly averted her eyes and got down from the desk.

The door was pushed open the next minute.

Suzie casually barged in. “Mommy, please bathe me.”

“Okay.” Catherine nodded in a robotic manner amid her confused thoughts.

“Cathy, I…” Shaun pulled her hand, his dark eyes filled with reluctance.

He had no idea what Cathy was about to say just now, but he naturally wanted her to stay here and carry on with what they were doing. He felt that there would surely be something delightful happening later.

“You… You can stay here and browse the laptop. ” Catherine shot him a glance and placed a laptop in front of him embarrassedly. “You said you wanted to work, right? So you need to learn how the laptop works first.”

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