Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1676

As soon as Catherine finished speaking, she swiftly held Suzie’s hand and walked away.

From her back, it seemed like she was fleeing.

After all, she would still feel ashamed no matter how bold she was.

She had nearly lost control just now. Ahhh. Why did she lose her inhibitions? It had ruined her dignity.

After bathing Suzie and putting on her clothes, she felt too ashamed to enter the study again.

With that, she waited for Lucas to return from his martial arts class and asked him to get Shaun. She then made the two of them bathe together.

“Lucas, you need to teach him how to bathe tonight.” Catherine gave her son an order.

“Why are you asking him to teach me? No way. I want you to bathe me.” Upon hearing her order, Shaun was dissatisfied with it.

“Have you no shame? Even I didn’t ask Mommy to bathe me.” Lucas rolled his eyes. “It’s improper for boys and girls to have physical contact with each other, okay? You have hands and legs. You can’t ask a girl to bathe you, nor can you let a girl look at your body.”

Catherine was speechless.

No, son. It was actually fine for a girlfriend to look a t her boyfriend’s body.

He should not make a big deal out of it. What if Shaun refused to let her look at his body after this?

Sure enough, Shaun’s brows furrowed after he heard it. “What if a girl looks at my body?”

“That means she’s a pervert.” Once Lucas was done speaking, he strode into the bathroom.

Shaun cast a complicated look at Catherine, whom he thought to be a pervert.

Catherine’s face flushed. Since it was inconvenient for her to explain it further in front of the kids, she had no choice but to urge them. “Go on, quickly take a bath.”

After that, she pretended to take Suzie’s clothes to wash them and walked out.

At night, the four of them lay on a spacious bed together.

Lucas and Suzie had always slept in the middle of the bed. However, because of another big baby here, Lucas was sleeping on the other side of the bed whereas Suzie clung to Catherine in her sleep.

Shaun had no choice but to sleep between Suzie and Lucas.

Dissatisfied with his position, Shaun kept trying to approach Catherine. Suzie, who was lying between Shaun and Catherine, could not help but groan. “ You and Mommy are squeezing me like a sandwich. Shaunny, can’t you move toward Lucas?”

“No. I want to sleep near Cathy. If you can’t stand it, you can switch your position with me,” Shaun said shamelessly.

“You’re shameless. ” Suzie was mad. “Look at your size.”

“Am I to blame? You’re not as tall as me because you eat very little rice.” Shaun scoffed.

Suzie said in a huff, “Even if I were born 20 years earlier, I still wouldn’t be taller than you after.”

“Mm. I think so too.” Shaun nodded in a self-righteous manner.

Suzie was at a loss for words.

She nearly went crazy. Why did she have such a daddy?

“I’m not sleeping here anymore. You can have my spot. You can have Mommy too. ” Unable to put up with him, Suzie carried her pillow and went to Lucas ‘ side. She gave up her place to Shaun.

“Thank you.” Shaun promptly landed himself beside Catherine with delight.

Catherine was speechless. “ Suzie is a girl. Can’t you be tolerant of her?”

“Why must I be tolerant of girls? Aren’t boys and girls equal?” Shaun asked discontentedly.

Catherine choked. Great, he even knew about gender equality.

She closed her eyes and soon felt sleepy. As she was about to fall asleep, an arm was suddenly wrapped around her.

“cathy…” Shaun was actually nibbling on her ear.

Catherine was so shocked that her sleepiness immediately vanished. She shot a look at Suzie and Lucas. Fortunately, they were asleep.

“Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I can’t fall asleep.” Shaun blinked his bright eyes. “Cathy, is it true that I can’t let girls look at my body? But you’re a girl, and you’ve seen my body. So you’re a pervert.”

Catherine nearly choked on her saliva.

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