Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1677

The moonlight poured in through the window. Catherine’s face was burning.

Deep down, she really wished she could curse this trickster a hundred times.

Previously, Shaun had insisted on divorcing her to be with Sarah. Later, he tricked her into making

peace with him. When they were on good terms, he tricked her into acting like a pervert.

Who drove her to this state?

She used to be an innocent, cute young lady.

However, he called her a pervert now. When he asked for kisses from her previously, why did he not call himself a pervert?

Although Catherine knew that she should be tolerant of him since he was now a fool, she still felt aggrieved and upset.


She bit her lip and whispered, “I won’t look at your body anymore, then. Come to think of it, it’s really inappropriate for me to do that. If you don’t know how to wear your clothes, you can look for your dad.”

Shaun was stunned. He blinked, feeling reluctant. “ I don’t want to look for my dad. I just want to look for you.”

“Why do you want to look for me? If I look at your body, I’ll be a pervert, ” Catherine said leisurely.

“But… But I like how you act like a pervert.”

Shaun approached her ear. He felt a burning sensation when he breathed.

Catherine’s mouth twitched. Was he flirting with her right now?

She closed her eyes and ignored him straight away.

“Cathy…” Upon noticing that she was silent, Shaun tugged on her sleeve. “Say something.”

His persistence made Catherine’s head hurt. He was not planning to let go of her if she did not make it clear tonight. What actually concerned her was that Lucas and Suzie would be awakened.

“Shaun, don’t think that you can take advantage of me just because of the current state you’re in,”

Catherine said directly, “Were you unhappy when I kissed you and took off your clothes? Ultimately, you’re criticizing me for being a pervert. Why don’t you criticize yourself, then?”

Her words left Shaun feeling perplexed as he could not really make out the meaning of her words.

Anyhow, he could sense that Catherine was angry.

Shaun got a fright when he saw her somber, indifferent expression for the first time.

Tears began to well up in his eyes. He then replied in an aggrieved manner, “I’ m not criticizing you. Don’t be mad. I’m sorry. I won’t talk nonsense anymore.”

Catherine’s heart clenched at the sight of his expression. She knew that her words were too harsh.

She was not mad, actually. She felt aggrieved.

She had witnessed how he ended up in this state. Although it was amusing to see how muddle- headed and shy he was sometimes, she was upset that he could not remember his past at all.

She wondered if it was because of love that he allowed her to touch him.

That was surely not the case. It was mostly because she was the only young woman around him.

Initially, Catherine had contemplated doing it with him. However, she was hesitant about it now.

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