Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1680

“President Costner, didn’t you ask your subordinate to take Madam Costner and Suzie’s hair back to Neah Bay for DNA testing?”

Titus’ assistant, Warren, rushed over. “The test report is already out. Please have a look at it.”

Titus took the phone from him to look at the report, which indicated that Suzie and Sheryl were not related. Given that the DNA grand parentage test was performed between them, the percentage surely would not reach 99%. However, after the medical staff in the Costners’ top hospital analyzed Suzie and Sheryl’s DNA samples based on genetics and biology, they discovered that the two of them shared 50% of their DNA.

As such, Suzie must be Sheryl’s granddaughter.

If Suzie was Jeffery’s biological granddaughter, Sheryl would just be Suzie’s grandaunt.

The DNA between Suzie and Sheryl would be practically identical.

Warren said furiously, “We’ve been tricked by Rebecca. Apparently, the hair that Young Master Costner used for the paternity test before belonged to Catherine. I asked someone to check the hotel

that Rebecca stayed in when she just arrived in Neah Bay. The hotel staff claimed that he got the hair from her comb when he cleaned Rebecca’s room, so they didn’t actually get the hair from her head.”

“It wasn’t Matthew’s fault. Who would’ve expected that?”

Titus narrowed his grim eyes. What a schemer Rebecca was.

“President Costner, should I let Madam know about this matter…” Warren asked in hesitation.

“Will she believe you?” Titus snorted. “ She doesn’t trust me at all now. She might think that I’m making it up. She has been under the impression that I’m trying to kill her so that I can marry Catherine.”

“Alas, Madam is really…” Warren sighed. “I wonder how long it’ll take her to recover.”

“I heard it’ll take approximately half a year for her to fully recover.” Titus rubbed his forehead. “ I think the doctors here aren’t as good as the ones we have. I’m planning to bring her back to Neah Bay.”

“That’s good. By keeping Madam by your side here, you’re creating a time bomb for yourself. If she learns that Rebecca has passed, things will be troublesome, ” Warren said, “By the way, I found out that Jeffery and Sally’s names have always been on Rebecca’s birth certificate. According to the law in Australia, Jeffery can inherit the shares that Rebecca owned since she has passed. Jeffery and Sally have arrived in Canberra, and Hill Corporation will be holding a general meeting tomorrow. I’ m guessing they’re going to announce Jeffery as the new chairman.”

A look of disgust washed over Titus’ face. “He can’t even handle a renovation company properly. How dare he think of being the chairman of the best company in Australia? Dream on!”

“Exactly. It’s as if any Tom, Dick, and Harry can be the chairman. At the end of the day, he’s spending Madam’s money. Indeed, Jeffery’s family is extremely shameless. If our people were here, I would’ve had them deal with Jeffery and Sally long ago,” Warren said indignantly.

At the mention of this matter, Titus furrowed his eyebrows deeply.

In fact, he had long since asked his subordinates from Neah Bay to come over. Nevertheless, they were stuck processing their visa in the embassy. Hence, they could not board the plane.

After some investigation, Titus discovered that the Meads’ relatives were in charge of the embassy. It meant that they were the ones causing trouble for his subordinates.

“Has there been any progress after I personally gave Nathan a call?” Titus asked coldly.

“Prime Minister Snow has just started to take over the local matters and assigned Gavin to take charge of the foreign affairs. It’s all Gavin’s people in the embassy. Prime Minister Snow has criticized Gavin, but Gavin insists that our people are suspicious, so he’s not allowing them to enter Australia.”

“Well done, Gavin.” Titus began to laugh grimly. “I never thought that I would one day be controlled by the buffoons. I might not be able to tackle Wesley in this country, but my people are all overseas. Go contact those people out there and ask them to stop all of Wesley’s international business deals at all costs. Also, since the Meads have been behaving quite haughtily abroad, don’t let them come back as well.”

Warren reminded under his breath, “But… Young Master Costner is with them. What if…”

“Don’t worry. They’ll keep Matthew alive as a means of protecting themselves. At most, they’ll chop off a few of Matthew’s fingers and send them to me.” Titus was emotionless. “It’s just a few fingers. Anyway, it was Matthew who started it.

How stupid of him to get caught. It serves him right.”

Warren was speechless.

All he could do was sympathize with Matthew silently.

“By the way, we’ll be attending Hill Corporation’s general meeting tomorrow to have a look. Rebecca spent Sheryl’s money on the company, yet the Jones family is planning on occupying it. They should dream on!” Titus’ dark eyes were full of annoyance.

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