Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1681

“Uncle Titus… Okay… I’m relieved to know that you’ll be around.”

In front of the French window, Catherine hung up the call with a smile.

In truth, she was not confident about the general meeting tomorrow. Now that Titus had said that he would show up, Catherine felt as though the weight in her mind had finally become much lighter.

“Get out… I don’t need you to teach me…”

“Fine. I’ll get out. Given your attitude, I won’t even come again even if you beg me tomorrow.”

All of a sudden, a commotion rang out in the corridor outside.

Frowning, Catherine walked toward the door and opened it, only to see the teacher that she hired stomp out the door in a fit of fury.

There were a few books scattered on the floor of the corridor on the second floor.

Shaun stood beside the books. As soon as he saw the teacher leave, he glowered sideways at her with his dark eyes that carried traces of grievance and rage.

He then entered the study and even swung the door shut heavily.

“You rascal, open the door! How could you treat your teacher that way? Are you learning for our sake? It’s for your own good. Do you want to be illiterate forever? Even Suzie and Lucas know more than you.” Shaun’s attitude made Brennan’s blood boil.

“No, I just don’t want to learn. Since nobody likes me, I don’t mind being illiterate forever. ” Shaun’s sulky voice rang out from the study.

“Nobody dislikes you. It’s precisely because we like you that we’re making you learn. We hope that you’ll turn into a better person.” Brennan’s head hurt. A 50-year-old man like him had no experience nurturing children, yet he had to try to be a loving father to Shaun who was being extremely rebellious.

“Cathy dislikes me. I don’t want to learn. I don’ t need you guys to like me. I just want her to like me,” Shaun said in a self-righteous manner from inside the study.

An embarrassed look washed over Brennan’s face. “ Who said she dislikes you? It’s just that she’s not teaching you. She’s not a teacher, and what’s more, she’s not good at teaching. Also, she has her own life. What gives you the right to force her to accompany you all the time? If you continue acting unreasonably, she might really dislike you.”

The study grew silent all of a sudden.

Shaun did not speak. However, he refused to open the door no matter how Brennan persuaded him.

“Uncle Brennan, you may go downstairs and rest. Let me deal with him. ” Catherine had no choice but to walk up to him.

“Catherine, don’t let him act as he pleases. After all, he’s a man. He can figure out certain things himself. ” Brennan let out a sigh. “We don’ t wish for him to become your burden.”

“I’ll talk to him.” Catherine felt as though something was weighing on her heart and it made her upset. “Perhaps I was too impatient.”

Brennan shook his head helplessly before he turned to head downstairs.

“Shaun, please open the door.” Catherine knocked on the door gently. “If you don’t open it, I’m going to move out.”

The study remained quiet, and Catherine pretended to walk down the stairs.

Just then, the door of the study was opened forcefully. Shaun rushed out and stared anxiously at her with reddened eyes. “You can’t leave. If you leave, I won’t want to stay here anymore.”

“This is your house, ” Catherine whispered, “This isn’t my house.”

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