Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1683

“But… How am I different from Suzie and Lucas?”

“Didn’t you realize that Suzie and Lucas are a lot shorter than you? Shaunny, they’re actually three years old. You say you’re two years old, but why are you a lot taller than them and even taller than me?”

Catherine sighed and told him the truth, “The reason why I didn’t ask you to attend preschool is that the place doesn’t suit you. School isn’t a place where you should go either. In truth, you’re 33 years old. You’re six to seven years older than me. ”

Shaun was stunned, looking completely lost.

“Because something happened to you…” Catherine pointed at her head. “Something’s wrong here, so you think that you’re only two years old. I’ll show you what a two-year-old kid actually looks like next time.”

Shaun, who had been under the impression that he was two years old, felt speechless.

No, he did not want to know as he refused to accept the fact.

“Cathy, am I really… that old?” A look of dejection washed over his face.

“No, you’re not.” Catherine caressed his distinct features. “You’re good-looking. You’re at the age where men are most charming. If you study more and learn how to make money, you’ll be even more charming.”

At first, Shaun was quite shocked and disappointed. However, now that Catherine was praising him for being charming, he was inwardly delighted. “Mm. I must study hard and learn to make money. I want to look after you and support you.”

“Mm. When the teacher comes in the afternoon, are you going to throw a tantrum again?” Catherine asked in a soft tone.

Shaun shook his head obediently. “I’ll listen to you.”

“Good. Let’s go downstairs and have lunch.” A gentle smile spread across Catherine’s face.

After they came downstairs, Lea and Brennan were astonished to see how obedient Shaun suddenly was.

“Catherine, you seem to be the only one who can control him.” When Shaun went to drink some water, Lea took the opportunity to grab Catherine.

“Aunty Lea, I’ve let Shaun know about his actual age,” Catherine said frankly.

Lea was taken aback. “Did he accept it? Was he triggered?”

“We can’t possibly keep hiding it from him. What’s more, he’s not exactly a fool. As time passes, he’ll notice that he’s different too. ” Catherine shrugged weakly. “In fact, his mental state is much better than we initially imagined. We can’t treat him like how we treat Suzie and Lucas.”

“You’re really something. I’m not a good mother. I’m inexperienced in handling this kind of situation.” Lea was thoroughly embarrassed.

Lea had never taken care of Shaun back then as she always left him to the sitter. Hence, she was really unsure of his thoughts.

Catherine was speechless. Despite having given birth to two children, Lea still lacked experience in this area. Shaun’s biological parents… She took pity on Shaun and Liam, who grew up relying on their In the afternoon, the English teacher came.

Shaun did not kick up a fuss. He sat in the study and paid attention to the lesson.

At the sight of this scene, everyone was gratified.

When the English teacher went downstairs after teaching for two hours, she said to Catherine, “He has excellent memory. Perhaps he still has some English knowledge in his head. He could grasp the meaning instantly after I read out a text to him just once. It’s unbelievable! I’m done teaching him high school-level English, so he can learn college-level English tomorrow.”

Catherine was at a loss for words. How impressive!

After dinner, she got a university professor who taught financial management to come over.

When the professor left, he said contentedly, “With his pace, I can probably teach him everything in a week.”

“That’s wonderful. Thank you, professor.” Catherine saw the professor off.

When she returned to the room, she heard Shaun showing off to Suzie and Lucas. “Those things are too easy. Both of you are… too childish. I mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in two minutes… Please don’t tell others that you both know me. You both bring shame to me.”

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