Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1686

“Shaun Hill, will you feel uneasy if you don’t anger me for one day?” Catherine completely lost her mind and roared. “You actually spent 2oo million to buy stocks? Are you crazy? Do you know how hard it is to earn money? You’re not who you used to be anymore. Do you think you’re still the richest man in the country?”

She was utterly furious.

As far as she knew, Shaun invested most of his money in Hill Corporation’s R&D projects.

After Hill Corporation was acquired, he was kicked out of his position as chairman and president, and all he did was sit at home and live off his pants.

Despite it all, he was still spending his money extravagantly.

Did he think money fell from the sky? If they could not get Hill Corporation back, they might have to rely on these savings to turn their fortunes around in the future, yet what did he do? He poured it all into the stock market.

Shaun froze at her roar. It was his first time seeing

Catherine’s ferocity, and he was a little overwhelmed. “Is 200 million a lot?”

“Of course it is. It’s an amount some people won’t be able to earn their entire lives.”

“Oh, but the stock has been rising since I bought it and the current amount in the portfolio is 250 million.”

Shaun nonchalantly lifted his phone to show her.

Catherine was dumbfounded and quickly grabbed his phone.

In just a blink of an eye, 250 million became 253 million.

She tapped on one of the stocks he bought and saw the stock rose sharply in a diagonal line until it reached the daily limit.

‘I… #@ #!!!’

She was speechless.

“I think it’s easy to earn money, ” Shaun rubbed his nose and said in a low voice.

Catherine sneered. It was easy?

She suffered losses nine out of ten times when she bought stocks, but now he said it was easy.

It might be a fluke that one of the stocks he bought reached the daily limit, but it was not a coincidence that all five stocks he bought were soaring.

Catherine gave the man next to her a rather conflicted look. She had no idea that he was still a financial expert.

Goddammit, how many secrets did he have?

She took a deep breath and said sternly, “You can play with it occasionally, but I don’t approve of you putting a lot of money into it. It’s risky to speculate in stocks. Do you know how many have lost everything when they pour all of their money into stocks? Even if it rises today, it might fall tomorrow. You better sell those stocks as soon as the market reopens tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, ” Shaun pretended to listen and nodded. However, he had a different opinion.

He felt that finance was something that needed to be understood. If he understood the data and graphs, he would be able to earn money.

However, he could not tell that to Cathy because he thought she was rather dumb in this regard.

Catherine had no idea what he thought of her. If she did, she would probably be furious.

She also took the opportunity to briefly tell Shaun about Hill Corporation’s situation.

Shaun listened and was struck by a realization. “I used to be so stupid. I was so useless I couldn’t even manage such a large company.”

Catherine sweat dropped, not knowing how to go along with him.

When she arrived at the company, she noticed the first floor had been completely replaced with new faces.

The front desk and security guard at the door refused her entry.

“Sorry, but Hill Corporation isn’t a place where just anyone can enter.” The receptionist was quite arrogant. “That’s unless you have an appointment with our chairman.”

Catherine laughed in anger. She could not believe a day would come where Shaun and she would be humiliated at the entrance of Hill Corporation.

Just as she was about to get angry, Shaun who saw her being bullied from behind went forward with a dark expression. “Who does your chairman think she is? My last name is Hill and I’m a shareholder here, so I can enter as I please. How dare pieces of trash like you yell at us?”

He stood tall and he was one of the legendary figures in Hill Corporation, so the general public knew who he was.

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