Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1687

The security guard and receptionist recognized Shaun and Catherine but were purposely making things difficult for them.

Now that Shaun was livid, his aggressive aura came bursting and both the security guard and receptionist felt a sense of fear.

At the same time, they wondered in their hearts, ‘ Didn’t Shaun Hill become stupid? How is this stupid?’

“Get lost.” Shaun grabbed the bodyguard’s collar and flung him to the side.

Then, he said contemptuously, “You can’t even raise a finger against me. How did a piece of trash like you become a security guard for Hill Corporation? You must have come through the back door.”

“You… You’re courting death.” The security guard flushed red with anger. Even if he was no match for Shaun, he did not believe that a group of guards would not be able to beat him.

Besides, the new president already told them that they could humiliate Shaun Hill to their hearts’ content.

He immediately summoned a group of bodyguards.

Catherine only saw a flash before her eyes, and then the group of security guards were beaten to the ground and could not get up.

“Bunch of trash.” Shaun adjusted his shades. The derisive expression on his handsome face was absolutely arrogant.

Catherine was dumbfounded.

“You… You’ve gone too far. I’m calling the cops. ” The security guard who instigated the attack took out his phone angrily.

“Go ahead,” Catherine grinned. “We can explain to the police how we can’t go into our own company and were bullied by a bodyguard instead. So many of you ganged up on him earlier. Isn’t that interesting? We’ll let Wade see how he manages the company.”

The security guard froze.

He was a trusted aide brought over by President Middleton himself. It would be troublesome if he were to involve the president in this. However, he still could not swallow his anger.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, Ms. Jones, you’re here.” Hadley hurried down from upstairs with a building keycard hung around his neck.

Catherine had previously heard that he was transferred to the logistics department on the first floor, but that did not stop her from feeling angry when she saw it with her own eyes.

“We’re here, but we were blocked by a group of dogs at the door, ” Shaun snorted coldly.

The receptionist and the guards who were called “ dogs” were speechless.

“They’re new and only take orders from Wade’s team, ” Hadley explained with a faint smile.

“I see, so it’s Wade who is deliberately making things hard for me. Fine. I’ll have a little talk with him,” Shaun swaggered inside.

Hadley looked at his figure and turned to Catherine in confusion. “Did Eldest Young Master… recover?”

“No, I told him to put on an act while we were on the way here, ” Catherine said, dumbfounded. “He’s quite good at it.”

Hadley smiled. “That’s good. Otherwise, he won’t be able to suppress Wade.”

The three of them went up.

It was only ten minutes till the board meeting.

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