Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1688

Hadley brought them straight to the conference room.

This was Catherine’s first time in Hill Corporation’s conference room, and she looked around as she entered. It was not huge and could only seat at most ten pax. A middle-aged man in a dark suit sat in the room with a secretary standing beside him brewing tea.

Catherine looked at the man and knew that he was Wade Middleton. She researched him on the Internet before and found out that he was a senior manager who had also previously served as the CEO of a top 100 company abroad.

Now that she saw him in person, she could see from his deep features that he was as cunning as a fox. It was no wonder that Rebecca agreed to let him manage Hill Corporation.

“Mr. Hill.” Wade heard the footsteps and straightened up. He nodded at Shaun with a smile but did not get up, and did not even spare a glance at Catherine.

Catherine knew that he recognized her but he was doing this because he was trying to make a show of his power.

With a smile, Catherine took out a document from her bag and threw it in front of Wade. “Lea will not attend the board meeting today because she isn’t feeling well, so this is proof that she authorized me to attend in her stead.”

“I see.” Wade looked at the signature on the document and nodded politely. “Ms. Lea is indeed a little old, so it’s understandable.”

“Fifty years old is old?” Catherine gave him a side – glance. “You look like you’re almost forty-nine. In that case, I should be able to understand you too. Is your body holding up well? You can tell us if there’s anything wrong. It’s not like the company has to have you as its president.”

Wade’s expression immediately darkened, but he did not lose his temper. Instead, he smiled and made it seem like Catherine was being overbearing. “You’ve misunderstood, Ms. Jones. That’s not what I meant. Besides, I’m only forty-one and in good health. Men and women are physically different from each other.”

“Sorry, you looked so mature that I was mistaken. ”

Catherine smiled and said, “It’s indeed quite different. After all, the mortality rate of men who die of diseases is far higher than that of women every year. Do you know why? It’s because men generally have a variety of bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, drinking strong tea, staying up late, and spending too much time on a certain aspect of life. Women live over seventy

years on average, while men only live around sixty. Counting it now, you should take care of yourself, President Middleton. Don’t work too hard.”

Wade looked at the strong tea in front of him and almost lost the temper he was so very good at controlling.

He seemed to understand why Wesley said he had to watch out for this woman. Her mouth was absolutely venomous.

“Thank you for the reminder, Ms. Jones. I’ll take care. ” Disgust started to seep in Wade’s fake smile. “Now that I can be in charge of a large company

like Hill Corporation, I’ll do my best to manage the company well. I won’t say that I’ll manage it until I’m seventy, but I’ll definitely finish everything by sixty.”

“Let’s hope you’ll be able to, ” Catherine smiled. “ But I feel like you won’t have the chance.”

“What do you mean by that, Ms. Jones?” Wade’s face was cold.

“That should be my line. When Shaun and I entered the building earlier, not only did the receptionist and security guard at the door refuse our entry,

they even ganged up on Shaun. For the staff to have that kind of culture, it’s much worse than when Eldest Young Master Hill was at the helm. I think I must have a good talk with you on behalf of Lea.

You just rose to power, so it’s understandable that you want to change the staff to your confidants, but you can’t just pick any Tom, Dick, and Harry. Before I met you, your reputation was quite admirable but now that I’ve met you, that image crumbled the moment I stepped through the door.”

Catherine looked at Wade’s increasingly unpleasant expression and smiled. “What? I just said a few words and you’re already showing me that face. You have to remember that you’re just a worker.”

“So what if he’s a worker? He’s not someone who can be switched just because you want to.” Jeffery’s angry voice suddenly came through the door.

Catherine turned around and saw Jeffery in a wheelchair, being pushed in by Wesley.

“Mr. Jones, you’re here.”

Wade immediately greeted him with relief. “If you didn’t come, Ms. Jones might have told me to get out already.”

“What right does she have to tell you to get out?” Jeffery snorted coldly.

“Dad, why don’t I have that right? I’m your daughter. Look, you even brought your son-in-law here, so that means you’re willing to acknowledge me again.” Catherine smiled enthusiastically.

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