Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1689

Jeffery’s face was indifferent, but his heart was quite smug.

After he went to jail, catherine climbed higher and higher, and he always had to yield to her to the point where he thought he would have to look up to his former daughter with caution for the rest of his life. However, God was still showing him kindness.

Suddenly, he inherited Hill Corporation’s shares. Tsk, he never actually dreamed of such a day.

Although Rebecca was his biological daughter, he was not that sad now.

Catherine was fawning over him now, but it was only because she wanted to profit from him.

Unfortunately, he would not give her a single dime.

“I do acknowledge this son-in-law, but I don’t acknowledge an ungrateful daughter like you. Get lost.” Jeffery insulted nonchalantly.

Wesley gave her a fake smile. “Cathy, Dad is quite unhappy about your affair. If you’re willing to return to my side, he might be able to forgive you. ”

“You’re so ugly. There’s no way she’ll go back.” Shaun, who had not made a sound the entire time, strode up to Catherine’s side.

This was his second time seeing Wesley, but he instinctively felt that this person was extremely annoying.

Wesley glanced at Shaun coldly. Now, the Shaun who was in front of him was well-dressed and looked noble and elegant, especially after wearing a pair of glasses that made him look like an imperturbable young master.

It was an advantage he never had.

His handsome face stiffened slightly and he mocked, “Young Master Hill, you’re here too? But I’m curious. Will you be able to understand our meeting?”

“I’m not deaf,” Shaun scoffed. “But I’m curious too. Do you have any shares? Or are you a shareholder of Hill Corporation? What qualifications do you have to step in here?”

Catherine’s brows raised. Who said that this man was stupid?

Sure enough, Shaun’s growth was truly multifold that of ordinary people.

He was not once the richest man in the country just for show.

Wesley’s expression darkened. “I came today as Mr. Jones’s escort. All relevant documents and procedures have been submitted to President Middleton in advance.”

“That’s right,” Wade nodded with a smile. “Young Master Hill, you shouldn’t make things hard for Mr. Jones.”

“I’m making things hard for him?” Shaun’s eyes immediately turned fiery. “I’m just questioning him in accordance with the company’s rules. How would I know that he completed the formalities in private? As the president of the company, shouldn’t you have reported this to the board of directors in advance? Did you say anything about this when we came in? If you don’t know how to talk, then shut that stinking mouth of yours. No one will take you for a mute.”

“You…” Wade was furious. He had been in the business for so many years, but no one dared to denounce him to his face before.

Even Catherine was just being sarcastic to him earlier.

“Did I say anything wrong? Remember your identity. You’ re not a shareholder. The company spent so much money for you to manage the company, not for you to give us more trouble.

You’re supposed to make the company flourish, but look at what you did after you came. You either fired this employee or laid off that employee. You even replaced the receptionist and security guards. What? Are you trying to turn this company into your own?”

Shaun said every word ruthlessly, his dark eyes exuding a powerful and dignified light.

Even someone like Wade was frozen for a moment.

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