Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1690

Wade never actually dealt with Shaun before because when Rebecca was around, she held seventy percent of Hill Corporation’s shares. That was why he was arrogant enough to bring his people over and expel Shaun’s staff.

Back then, he was rather apprehensive.

He did not expect Shaun would become stupid in just a few days after he entered the company.

He had been overjoyed and immediately kicked out those who had been loyal to Shaun. Now, Hill Corporation was filled with his men.

Little did he expect, Shaun returned to the company and was so aggressive.

Was this how a stupid person was supposed to act?

“Young Master Hill, you’ve misunderstood. I fired those people because they weren’t working well, so I had no choice. Don’t make things hard for me because the receptionist and security guard stopped you earlier. I’ll have them fired later.”

Wade smiled in compensation, but his words implied that Shaun was making things difficult for him because of a personal vendetta.

Jeffery reprimanded Shaun immediately. “The receptionist and security guards are new, so it’s normal if they don’t know you. Is there a need to make a mountain out of a molehill? If you ask me, I’d say that President Middleton manages Hill Corporation very well.”

“What was it that he managed well?” Shaun’s dark eyes looked at him.

Jeffery subconsciously stopped.

How would he know? It was his first day here too.

He looked at Wesley and Wesley smiled. “It’s clear that President Middleton is skilled since he was able to stabilize the company in just a few days.

Previously, Hill Corporation was quite turbulent, but now it’s business as usual. Uniting the company isn’t something ordinary people can do.”

Shaun sneered. “He replaced every staff with his people, so for sure the company is united. I’m a board director, so what I want to see are concrete benefits. How did his people fare in technology, development, sales, resources, and so on?”

Wade looked at Wesley for help.

Wesley gave Jeffery a look, and Jeffery rebuked, “ President Middleton had just been here for a few days and taking it one step at a time. Besides, you took away all the laboratory information, so it’s your fault that there’s been no progress within the technology and development departments. Despite that, you still had the cheek to blame others? For the future of the company, you should quickly hand over the information and share it with us in order to bring a bright future to Hill Corporation.”

Catherine laughed. “Dad, you’re too much. The Hill family only has a total of thirty percent of the shares, and the Hill family was removed from all of their positions. Yet, you’re asking him to hand over the technical data that he has? You sure devised a good plan to get free benefits. If you ask me, we might be able to consider it if you hand over 20% of your shares. Isn’t Rebecca dead? That’s great, this is a good opportunity.”

“You… You’re deranged.” Jeffery was furious. After all, she said that it was good that Rebecca was dead. “Even if she’s dead, the shares will never fall into the Hill family’s hands.”

“I didn’t say that they’ll fall into our hands. I’m proposing an exchange of interests. But you’re not necessarily the one taking over her shares, right?”

Catherine grinned.

“Who else would it be besides me?” Jeffery snorted.

“Rebecca didn’t contribute a penny when she bought Hill Corporation’s shares.”

The conference room door was violently kicked open.

Dressed in black pants and a black t-shirt, Titus strode in with his assistant and lawyer.

His two—meter—tall figure coupled with a powerful aura emanating from his body and the fierce air he cultivated from fighting on a battlefield since he was young instantly dropped the temperature in the room.

Even Wesley was a little frightened and intimidated.

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