Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1692

“I have never wanted to do any harm. On the contrary, my aim is to make it possible for the poor and underdeveloped countries around the world to cure diseases rather than be plagued with illnesses and dying in despair. Do you know that feeling?”

Catherine was deeply revolted.

She realized Wesley really had the potential to be a movie star.

How did this absolute monster, who he did not even spare his nephew, have the nerve to say he wanted to save sick people around the world?


She did not vomit, but beside her, Shaun let out a gagging sound. “I’m going to puke. If you ask me, Australia’s medical treatment isn’t considered top- notch either. Since more developed countries look down on you when you try to sell your medicine to them, you can only sell to poorer countries to earn money. After all, although the people there are poor, medicine is a must, so you’ll gain a quick profit while exploiting the poor to death. Yet,

you’ re still making yourself a saint. Do you think everyone here is stupid?”

Titus raised his brows, amused by Shaun’s words. “ That’s right. I’ve seen all kinds of people before, but such a disgusting person like you is rare.”

With Wesley’s strong ego, the repeated humiliation made him clench his fists tightly.

Titus slowly stood up and walked towards Wesley.

Jeffery and Wesley froze. When Titus’s tall and cold figure approached them, they were subconsciously afraid.

However, Jeffery was in a wheelchair and could not retreat. As such, he could only grip the armrest, not knowing what else to do.

“Mr. Costner, what are you planning to do? This is Hill Corporation. This is Australia,” Wesley reminded him in a low voice.

“I thought you didn’t know who I am? So you know that I’m not from here.” Titus slowly unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt and rolled up his sleeves, revealing his study bronze arms. His firm and strong fists made their scalps tingle.

“Guards!” Wade hurriedly called for backup when he saw that the situation was not right.

However, Warren held Wade’s arm behind his back and pressed him onto the conference table.

At the same time, Titus’s fist swiftly punched Wesley’s face.

Wesley was l8ocm tall, but his body was slammed into the wall. His lips were smeared with blood, and his teeth fell out. It was so painful that he could not speak.

Jeffery was terrified. “You… Stop that. If you hit us again, I’ll call the cops.”

“Go ahead, and call the cops. I’d like to see who dares to arrest me.” Titus raised his brows nonchalantly. “Even if you call Gavin Mead here today, he won’t dare to arrest me either.”

“Just you wait…” Wesley stood up with much difficulty, and his trembling finger pointed angrily at Titus.

However, Titus grabbed his finger and broke it with a snap.

Wesley immediately screamed in pain.

“Didn’t you tell me to wait?” Titus approached him with a smile and whispered in his ear, “Do you think I won’t dare to fight back because my son is i n your hands?”

Wesley glared at him with red eyes. At that moment, he stopped pretending, because if he continued the act, he did not know if he could walk out of here today. “If… If you dare to lay a hand against me, I’ll cut off one of your son’s hands.”

“Go ahead.” Titus did not even blink. “I’m planning to save him, but I don’t expect him to be in one piece. It’s just an arm, so think of it as a lesson to him. He’s supposed to be the son of Titus Costner, but he’s useless. Honestly, a son like that isn’t worthy of being my heir.”

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