Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1694

If other people were not around, he would have slapped Catherine to death.

“Hundreds of billions worth of shares?” Titus played with the diamond ring on his ring finger and let out a deep laugh. “Why are you the one inheriting it? Who do you think you are? A reformed prisoner?”

His words were loud and clear, and the conference room fell eerily quiet.

Jeffery’s face went red, but he bit the bullet and said, “I’m Rebecca’s father. She’s dead and has no children. According to the laws, it should be inherited by her parents.”

“Are you sure you’re her parent?” Titus stared at Jeffery with his deep and cold eyes. “But I clearly remember that when we were in Melbourne not long ago, you said that her father was someone else and her mother was my wife, Sheryl.”

Jeffery said, “Did I say that? She’s my daughter in her birth certificate anyway.”

“Is that so?” Titus raised his hand to the lawyer next to him.

The lawyer immediately took out a pile of documents from his briefcase and handed it over.

Titus threw the documents in front of Jeffery. “ Then take a good look at this. Your so-called daughter spent more than goo billion of my wife’s money the other day. According to the law, the money that Rebecca has spent is my wife and my joint assets, so I have the right to get the money back. Since she’s dead, you’ll pay it back as her father.”

“O-on what basis?” Jeffery looked at the figures on the document and nearly went crazy.

He had never seen so much money in his life. “You’re really funny. Your daughter is dead, and you want the shares she has left behind but refuse to pay back the huge amount of money she owes.

How can you reap the benefits and leave the bad to me? Oh, by the way, here’s a copy of your daughter’s DNA test. It says that Rebecca is Sheryl’s biological daughter, but you’re saying that she’s yours.”

Titus threw another appraisal form at him. “Well, can I take it that the three of you are engaged in fraud? First, you used this DNA test to approach my wife and had her think that Rebecca was her long- lost daughter before you cheated my wife of her money. Now that Rebecca is dead, you want to take over the company that my wife has spent money to acquire for her?”

Jeffery sweated profusely. That was exactly it.

However, he could not admit it. Admitting it meant that he would go to jail, and he did not want to go to jail again.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. We didn’t know that Rebecca did a DNA test. All I know is that on her birth certificate, Sally and I are listed as her parents. We were also the ones who raised her.”

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